Meet Our Community

Steve Decker, Associate Professor

Communication and Theatre Arts

I have been hooked on theatre for a long time now, and am fortunate that my vocation is also my hobby. I was drawn in by the opportunity to perform great literature for an audience and to work together with other imaginative and creative people towards a common goal surrounding a production. I became a better person, and a more engaged, responsible and happy student because of my theatre experiences. Students at UW-Waukesha have the opportunity to get involved in many ways- as student artists involved with creating scenery, lighting, costumes and sound. Others might learn more about the craft of acting. 

Quintin Bendixen

Quintin Bendixen, Senior Lecturer


My research on Antarctica’s ancient climate change and Greenland’s modern climate change has enhanced my appreciation of Earth’s fragile systems and the interconnectedness of all things on our planet. I bring my passion of the natural world to The University of Wisconsin-Waukesha through my teachings in the Geosciences and Sustainability. While I attempt to engage every student that steps into my classroom, I offer to assist students willing to work hard in any way that I am able. The university experience truly offers once in a lifetime experiences. Through helping students with gaining internships, research projects, attending professional conferences, networking with business leaders, and hands on projects around campus I try to bring as many of these experiences to my students as possible.


lisa profile photo

Lisa G.


I am an international student at UW-Waukesha, from Austria in Europe. I chose UW-Waukesha because of the small class sizes, and the fact that there are no teaching assistants. I like all the activities that are available to you on campus. It is easy to get involved and to meet people, which was important to me, since I did not grow up here. It is the perfect place to start college.

My chemistry professor, David Olszewski, was one of my favorite professors this past semester. He was always willing to help his students out with any questions and went out of his way to provide extra learning material and practice examples to make sure every student had the opportunity to understand the material.

Ellyn Lem

Ellyn Lem, Associate Professor


I want to see all my students succeed and believe, before even meeting them, that they have the capability to achieve.  Some of them will have success right away; others will grow over the course of the semester, and some will come back to their education when it fits in best with what else is going on in their lives.  I think it is important to treat everyone with respect, and I expect the same in return.  Very important to any successful classroom experience is spurring curiosity;  we all need to find a way to become excited by the material, to see why it matters, and how we can be changed through learning.

Andy S

Andy S.

Sophomore Student

UW-Waukesha has prepared me in several ways. First, through the guidance of amazing advisors such as Dr. Lori Brock. Other very informative professors include Dr. Paul Zillgitt and Dr. Michael Pauers (Biology Department).  UW-Waukesha also has prepared me for what the road looks like ahead in academics. For example, how scientific research is conducted, how to publish scientific works, and how to communicate well with fellow classmates and professors.


Andrea Lochen

Andrea Lochen, Senior Lecturer


I find peer review and full class workshops to be an absolutely essential learning tool.  When students read their classmates’ essays and stories they learn important skills: how to analyze and talk about writing in a constructive way, how to emulate techniques they admire, and how to take pride and ownership over their own writing.  I am often impressed by the insightful comments my students make about each other’s work.

kerri profile photo

Kerri G.


I chose UW-Waukesha because it was convenient, location-wise.  The price is great compared to some of the other schools I looked at. I am an Education major.  I’m planning to major in either Early Education or Elementary Education.  I want to work with younger children.

I got involved in a lot of clubs right away – the Activities Coordination Team, Ballroom Dance Club, Circle K service organization, Future Educators Club and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.  Getting involved on campus opened up a lot of opportunities and allowed me to meet new people right away.  It also gave me a chance to explore my career more.

The best thing about UW-Waukesha is the involvement of everyone on campus.  During my time here, I have met a core group of friends who are involved and it’s a good community of people. 

My favorite teacher has been Professor Julianna Alitto.  I have had her for three semesters and she is also an advisor to the Future Educators Club.  She’s a good resource; I can ask her any questions and she always gives great advice.

I’d encourage students to explore Waukesha.  I was apprehensive about how involved I would get at a two-year campus, but it’s been the best thing about being at UW-Waukesha!

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Joshua K.


I decided to attend UW-Waukesha because of its location, affordability and the Guaranteed Transfer Program. The amount of money I was able to save by choosing UW-Waukesha provided me the opportunity to stop working full time and focus on my studies. 

The professors at UW-Waukesha are an amazing group of individuals who try and go the extra step to aid their students whenever they can. One such professor is Dr. Lori Brock, who teaches Anatomy and Physiology. Throughout the semester, Dr. Brock brings in many speakers and organizes a trip to St. Luke’s Hospital in Milwaukee. All of this is done to give UW- Waukesha students a first-hand glimpse at career opportunities in the health field and possible paths to obtaining these jobs. Dr. Brock also provides her students, if they want, an opportunity to aid in the dissection of cadavers, an experience many other colleges do not offer to underclassmen.