Why Waukesha?

UW-Waukesha, the largest of the 13 UW Colleges, offers the advantages of both a small, private college and a public-funded university. It is your best start to a University of Wisconsin degree and unlimited job and career opportunities.

Reasons to Attend

The faculty and staff at UW-Waukesha pride themselves on providing a quality education to freshmen and sophomores who come to campus from all backgrounds, ages and scholastic preparation. We foster an environment that encourages lifelong learning, with the opportunity to grow as a leader and responsible citizen. In addition to being great teachers and scholars, they are known for going the extra mile to help students succeed during the critical first two years of college.

To help students get the best start for their lives, we offer:

  • Credit transferability to all UW schools
  • First-class instruction to lay the foundation for a wide variety of majors
  • Academic research opportunities
  • Extracurricular activities with to experience leadership roles
  • Honors program
  • Free tutoring
  • Guaranteed transfer to other UW schools and to many private colleges
  • Affordable tuition - save money for the junior and senior years and graduate school
  • Personal attention in small classes — faculty & staff get to know you and help you reach your goals
  • Flexible class schedules - days and evenings throughout the year
  • Partnerships with UW 4-year campuses: the UW Milwaukee College Connection (nine collaborative bachelor’s degrees), UW-Platteville (two collaborative bachelor's degrees in engineering) and UW-Oshkosh (three collaborative bachelor's degrees) and the Madison Connections Program.

Students living at home for a year or two can save over $10,000 on room and board expenses. Many UW-Waukesha students transfer without any school debt. This year’s tuition remains the same as last year.

What You Save By Attending UW-Waukesha
Institution Annual Tuition and Fees (not including room and board) Savings
UW-Waukesha $5,112 --
UW-Whitewater $7,637 +$2,252
UW-Oshkosh $7,487 +$2,375
UW-Milwaukee $9,429 +$4,317
UW-Madison $10,416 +$5,304
Carroll University $29,535 +$24,423
Marquette University $37,170 +$32,058
Concordia University $27,100 +$21,998
Cardinal Stritch University $27,540 +$22,428