Fresh Start Program

What is the Fresh Start Program?

Students are selected and required to participate in University of Wisconsin-Waukesha’s Fresh Start Program based on their high school grades, ACT scores, or missing high school courses. Fresh Start is a college success program designed to help students succeed at UW-Waukesha by providing individualized academic advising, career planning, tutoring, and academic support courses.

What will the Fresh Start Program do for me?

The Fresh Start Program will provide you with:

  • Academic support in math, reading, writing, and study skills.
  • Support across the curriculum through tutoring and study groups.
  • Individualized advising, goal setting, career and transfer planning.

What are my responsibilities as a Fresh Start student?

As an Fresh Start Student you must:

  • Schedule a Program Intake appointment with your Fresh Start Advisor after scheduling a placement test date.
  • Complete the requirements for Summer Fresh Start Camp, a math and writing refresher online program. This is a mandatory requirement for all Fresh Start students
  • Attend New Student Orientation held in August (for Fall students) and January (for Spring students). 
  • Enroll in required courses and work with your advisor to set up a schedule that will promote your success in college. All Fresh Start students must enroll in LEC 100 during their first semester.  Students may also be required to take a support course to aid in their success.  When selecting courses, students should consider their major/degree requirements, current academic capabilities, and out-of-class work time required for a course.  Students may need to adjust their work schedule accordingly. 
  • Meet at least two times during the semester with your Fresh Start Advisor. Your advisor is here to discuss any questions you have about academic issues, career planning, and/or transfer options.  They will also discuss concerns that the professors have (called Early Alerts), review your mid-term grades with you, and help you plan for the upcoming semester.
  • Attend all classes on a regular basis. Contact us if you are having difficulty attending your classes.
  • Achieve a 2.5 GPA. This GPA will be calculated with all courses, including non-degree credit courses that are not calculated into the official transcript's GPA.  Students who do not meet this standard may be subject to a restricted course schedule for the following semester. 
  • Check your campus email daily and respond to Fresh Start Program emails as requested
  • Participate in tutoring or study groups.  These are free services on campus to help you succeed in college.  Please take advantage of these services!

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