Fresh Start Program

What is the Fresh Start Program?

Students are selected and required to participate in University of Wisconsin-Waukesha’s Fresh Start Program based on their high school grades, ACT scores, or missing high school courses. Fresh Start is a college success program designed to help students succeed at UW-Waukesha by providing individualized academic advising, career planning, tutoring, and academic support courses.

What will the Fresh Start Program do for me?

The Fresh Start Program will provide you with:

  • Academic support in math, reading, writing, and study skills.
  • Support across the curriculum through tutoring and study groups.
  • Individualized advising, goal setting, career and transfer planning.

What are my responsibilities as a Fresh Start student?

As an Fresh Start Student you must:

  • Schedule a Program Intake appointment with your Fresh Start Advisor after scheduling a placement test date. Call Tiffany at (262) 521-5040 to book an appointment.
  • Complete the requirements for Summer Fresh Start Camp, a math and writing refresher online program. This is a mandatory requirement for all Fresh Start students
  • Attend New Student Orientation held in August (for Fall students) and January (for Spring students). 
  • Enroll in required courses and work with your advisor to set up a schedule that will promote your success in college. All Fresh Start students must enroll in LEC 100 during their first semester.  Students may also be required to take a support course to aid in their success.  When selecting courses, students should consider their major/degree requirements, current academic capabilities, and out-of-class work time required for a course.  Students may need to adjust their work schedule accordingly. 
  • Meet at least two times during the semester with your Fresh Start Advisor. Your advisor is here to discuss any questions you have about academic issues, career planning, and/or transfer options.  They will also discuss concerns that the professors have (called Early Alerts), review your mid-term grades with you, and help you plan for the upcoming semester.
  • Attend all classes on a regular basis. Contact us if you are having difficulty attending your classes.
  • Achieve a 2.5 GPA. This GPA will be calculated with all courses, including non-degree credit courses that are not calculated into the official transcript's GPA.  Students who do not meet this standard may be subject to a restricted course schedule for the following semester. 
  • Check your campus email daily and respond to Fresh Start Program emails as requested
  • Participate in tutoring or study groups.  These are free services on campus to help you succeed in college.  Please take advantage of these services!

Fresh Start Staff

Tiffany LeFlore
Fresh Start Academic Advisor