Study Skills Courses

ENG 099: Composition Tutorial

(1 non-degree credit)

A small-group tutorial that provides individualized instruction to help students develop college level writing and reading skills. It is taken concurrently with a composition course or another writing intensive class.

LEA 101: Academic Reading

(3 non-degree credits)

This course is an introduction to independent academic reading at a college level. It will emphasize strategies for increasing comprehension, varying reading rate, and developing critical reading skills. Focuses on assignments and activities that help students achieve the learning outcomes for first-year composition and other difficult reading-intensive courses that require students to write about nonfiction reading.

LEA 102: Math Tutorial

(1 non-degree credit)

Students will be expected to complete math assignments and prepare for tests/exams during structured study sessions while receiving individualized attention from a Math Instructor.

LEA 103: College Study Skills

(1 non-degree credit)

Students will learn effective strategies for time management, organization, reading textbooks and nonfiction texts, taking notes, studying for exams, and taking tests. This is a Blended class. The lecture portion is taught online using modules and students are required to set up at least two individualized appointments with the instructor. The modules will cover the following topics: time management & combatting procrastination note-taking techniques textbook reading techniques study strategies and test preparation & test anxiety management. Minimal computer skills are recommended.