What is TRIO?

The TRIO program is a federally funded grant that provides extensive academic support to students who are both eligible and are actively pursuing the services available that help students manage the transition from high school to college level academic study.  Emphasis is placed on the completion of English and mathematics course requirements expected of all degree seeking university students.

The TRIO office can be contacted at (262) 521-5475.

Eligibility for TRIO

In order to join TRIO you must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Neither parent has graduated with a four-year college degree.
  2. Based on family income and family size the student would be eligible to receive federal financial aid in the form of the Pell Grant.
  3. The student has a documented physical or learning disability.

Joining the TRIO program is voluntary.  However, not all eligible students can become members of the TRIO program, due to the limited number of spaces available.  Once you have been admitted a personal interview with one of the TRIO academic advisors will assist in determining those new students who will be included in the TRIO program.  Please contact one of the staff members to make an appointment for the initial interview.

Academic Support for TRIO students

The TRIO program provides free developmental level course work (ENG 097 and MAT 097) and support courses (LEA) throughout the sequence of MAT 097, MAT 105 and MAT 110, or ENG 097 ENG 101 and ENG 102 to support  TRIO students in the completion of Core Course requirements.

TRIO Staff

Individual assistance is available through one-to-one appointments with TRIO staff for mathematics, writing, study skills and academic advising, on a weekly basis if needed.

Schelzia Ross – Associate Director
Heidi Graham – Academic Advisor
Arman Banimahd - Math Specialist
Rebecca Cesarz - Writing Specialist
Trudi Wesemann - Math Specialist
Kelli Thornton - University Services Program Associate