Student Research Symposium

The Student Research Symposium provides students at UW-Waukesha with a unique opportunity to conduct original research and to distinguish themselves in their chosen field of study. Students work independently with a faculty sponsor to select a project topic in the fall term and present the results of their research at a multidisciplinary symposium held on campus in late spring. Students interested in submitting a proposal should contact wakhonors at or contact Bob Bermant (Psychology), Timothy Dunn (Philosophy), Suzanne Joneson (Biology), Ellyn Lem (English), or Scott Silet (Library).

This year's Symposium will be held on Saturday, April 28, 2018 in C101. An (open) information session for the Symposium will be held at noon on Thursday, November 16th in N129.

The complete 15th Annual program can be found here:

2017 Projects - Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering

  • Robert Hall (Suzanne Joneson, Advisor) – Biology –
    Hands on Phylogenetics: Big Data DNA, Computation and FOXP2
  • Alex Miller (Paul Sundheim, Advisor) – Mathematics –
    Deriving the Determinants: Hypercubes and Higher Dimensional Math
  • Robert Hall and Kesha Patel (Michael Pauers, Advisor) – Biology –
    The Effect of Turbulence on the Development of Morphology in the Lake Malawi Endemic Cichlid Fishes of the Genus Labeotropheus

 2017 Projects - Humanities

  • Melissa Tapp (Ellyn Lem, Advisor) – English – “Make The Bard Great Again: A Look Into Shakespeare’s Value
  • Taylor Zoephel (Timothy Dunn, Advisor) – Philosophy – “The Ethics of Animal Testing
  • John McVey, Ben Patterson, Kesha Patel, and Christopher Fields (Heather Carroll and Sara Pagliaroni, Advisors) – English – "Go With the Flow: An Attempt to Meet Writer's Expectations"

2017 Projects - Social Sciences

  • Jared Sitte (Dylan Bennett, Advisor) - Political Science - "Terrorism Recruiting in Saudi Arabia Compared to Other Countries on the Arabia Peninsula"

The event is free and open to the public.

2018 Symposium application form

View abstracts of past projects here! 

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