Student Research Symposium

2016 Symposium Participants

The Student Research Symposium provides students at UW-Waukesha with a unique opportunity to conduct original research and to distinguish themselves in their chosen field of study. Students work independently with a faculty sponsor to select a project topic in the fall term and present the results of their research at a multidisciplinary symposium held on campus in late spring. Students interested in submitting a proposal should contact wakhonors at or contact Bob Bermant (Psychology), Timothy Dunn(Philosophy), Suzanne Joneson (Biology), Ellyn Lem (English), or Scott Silet (Library).

This year's Symposium will be held on Saturday, April 30, 2016 in C101.

We are pleased to have as this year's Keynote Speaker Dr. Geri Donenberg, Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases. Dr Donenberg was awarded the 2015 UIC Researcher of the Year Award in honor and recognition of her efforts and commitment of advancing knowledge through research and inspiring and promoting continued excellence at University of Illinois at Chicago.

The complete 2016 program can be found here:

Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering:

  • Jacob Sykalski (Suzanne Joneson) – Biology – “Susceptibility of Aquatic Microorganisms to Triclosan: Should We Care?”
  • Jacob Sykalski, Brielle Bartes, Xiongmee  Vang, and Sireen Jaber (Lori Brock) – Biology – “The S.M.A.R.T Start:  Stroke Management and Readiness Team”
  • Molly Guiliani, Brian Weidenfeller (Lori Brock) – Biology – “Cadaver Dissection: Necropsy Results”
  • Lee Stedman (Quintin Bendixen) – Geology - "The Winter That Never Came: An Analysis of Climate Change in Waukesha"


  • Cody Bober (Ellyn Lem, Andrea Lochen) – English – “The Elusive Classic: Investigating Literary Merit in Famous American Fiction”
  • Kesha Patel (Timothy Dunn) – Philosophy – “The Obligations of Responding to Climate Change”
  • Lauren Dawley and Sara Mihor (Sara Pagliaroni) – English – "Red Ink Overload: How Much Feedback Do Student Writers Prefer?"
  • Nicole Italiano, Emma Kutschenreuter, and Andrew Russell (Heather Carroll) – English – “The Impact of Extra-Credit and Required Writing Tutorial Sessions”
  • Robert Hall (Ellyn Lem) – English – “Our Future Selves: The Upsides of Aging in Our Culture”

 The event is free and open to the public.

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