Student Research Symposium

2016 Symposium Participants

The Student Research Symposium provides students at UW-Waukesha with a unique opportunity to conduct original research and to distinguish themselves in their chosen field of study. Students work independently with a faculty sponsor to select a project topic in the fall term and present the results of their research at a multidisciplinary symposium held on campus in late spring. Students interested in submitting a proposal should contact wakhonors at or contact Bob Bermant (Psychology), Timothy Dunn(Philosophy), Suzanne Joneson (Biology), Ellyn Lem (English), or Scott Silet (Library).

This year's Symposium will be held on Saturday, April 30, 2016 in C101.

We are pleased to have as this year's Keynote Speaker Dr. Geri Donenberg, Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases. Dr Donenberg was awarded the 2015 UIC Researcher of the Year Award in honor and recognition of her efforts and commitment of advancing knowledge through research and inspiring and promoting continued excellence at University of Illinois at Chicago.

The complete 2016 program can be found here:

Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering:

  • Jacob Sykalski (Suzanne Joneson) – Biology – “Susceptibility of Aquatic Microorganisms to Triclosan: Should We Care?”
  • Jacob Sykalski, Brielle Bartes, Xiongmee  Vang, and Sireen Jaber (Lori Brock) – Biology – “The S.M.A.R.T Start:  Stroke Management and Readiness Team”
  • Molly Guiliani, Brian Weidenfeller (Lori Brock) – Biology – “Cadaver Dissection: Necropsy Results”
  • Lee Stedman (Quintin Bendixen) – Geology - "The Winter That Never Came: An Analysis of Climate Change in Waukesha"


  • Cody Bober (Ellyn Lem, Andrea Lochen) – English – “The Elusive Classic: Investigating Literary Merit in Famous American Fiction”
  • Kesha Patel (Timothy Dunn) – Philosophy – “The Obligations of Responding to Climate Change”
  • Lauren Dawley and Sara Mihor (Sara Pagliaroni) – English – "Red Ink Overload: How Much Feedback Do Student Writers Prefer?"
  • Nicole Italiano, Emma Kutschenreuter, and Andrew Russell (Heather Carroll) – English – “The Impact of Extra-Credit and Required Writing Tutorial Sessions”
  • Robert Hall (Ellyn Lem) – English – “Our Future Selves: The Upsides of Aging in Our Culture”

 The event is free and open to the public.


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Past Projects by Department 

Past Projects by department


2013, The Effects of Gardening and Volunteering on Health and Behavior

2003, Archaeology in Jefferson County – Pottery Techniques


2003, Art in the Public Eye: Investigating Creative Activism


2010, From NASA to UWW: a Tale of Two Radio Telescopes

Biological Sciences

2015,  A Post-Mortem Case Study: the Effects of Cardiovascular Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis

2015, Effects of Manual Removal on Populations of the Invasive Asian Clam, Corbicula fluminea

2015, Geographic Variation in Morphology Among Wisconsin Populations of the Orangespotted Sunfish, Lepomis humilis

2015, To Maximize Antimicrobial Effect, Should You Regularly Change Your Cleaning Products?

2014, A Post-Mortem Case Study on Metastic Lung Cancer

2014, Antibiotic-Resistant Genes in Avian Gut Microbiota

2014, The Effects of Diet on Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Angiogenic Markers

2014, Bacterial Antibiotic-Resistance in Gut Microbiota

2014, Ecological Niche Plasticity in the Cyanobacterium Nostoc sp.

2013, You Are What Eat:The Effects of a Diet Rich in Anti-Angiogenic Foods on Overall Health

2013, Screening for GMO-Induced Antibiotic Resistance in Avian Gut Microbiota

2013, Our Chemical World: Types of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Avian Fecal Samples

2013, Post Mortem Dissection: Effects of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases on the Body

2013, How Does Your Garden Grow?: Comparing Plants Grown With Processed and Non-processed Food Waste

2013, Chasing the Dragon......flies of the UW-Waukesha Field Station

2012, GMO Gene Transfer and Antibiotic Resistance

2012, Resistance Training Styles and Their Effects on Testosterone Levels

2012, Post Mortem Case Study: the Effects of Type II Diabetes

2012, A Real Life Wile E. Coyote: a Biological Analysis of the Life and Death of Coyote X 

2011, Mission Impossible? Creating a Sustainable Landscape for the UW-Waukesha Campus

2009, Case Study of Bronchogenic Carcinoma and its Effects on Cardiac Tissue

2007, Mitochondrial Ancestry

2007, Symbiotic Relationship Between Algaculture and Anaerobic Digestion

2006, The Effects of Exercise on Cancer Recovery

2006, Effects of Just-in-Time Teaching on Student Learning in Biology 109

2004, Reducing Gender Differences in Test Performance in Biology Exam

2002, Pressed For Time: a Herbarium for Martin's Woods



2011, Running on Fumes: Reducing Energy Consumption on Campus

2009, The Effects of Bacterial Contamination on the Fermentation of Cellulose to Ethanol

2007, The Effects of Bacterial Contamination on the Fermentation of Cellulose to Ethanol

2004, Chemical Synthesis of 1-(o-Bromotrityl) imidazole and 1-(o-Iodotrityl) imidazole

2003, Successful and Feasible Bio-Fuel Projects

Communication/Theatre Arts

2015, Some Thoughts for the Future of Art Education from a Future Art Educator

2007, Dramaturgy for March on Milwaukee: A Memoir of the Open Housing Protests

2006, Dramatugy for In Their Own Words: A Vietnam Chronicle

2003, Dramaturgy for "The Laramie Project"

2002, Dramaturging the Holocaust: Pre-Production Work on "And Then  They Came for Me"

Computer Science

2013, Web Development in the UW Cooperative Extension: A Case Study


2012, An Investigation of Attitudes Regarding Contemporary Educational Reform Issues

2004, The Theory of Multiple Intelligences and the Relevant Research Critiques


2015, From Antactica to UW-Wukesha: the Effects of Cosmic Rays on our Everyday Life

2009, Service Learning in a Freshman Engineering Course

2007, Using Robotics to Support Wisconsin Science Standards In Upper Elementary and Middle School

2003, Mechanics of Materials: Beam Extrusion – Conveyor Belt


2014, Bibliotherapy: Does Literature Help Those With Cancer Cope?

2013, Offend Me Not: The Uncivil Union Between PC Language and the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

2012, Toward a Theory of Analogy and Metaphor: a Repolication of a Study in Cognitive Psychology and its Implications

2012, Blurring Boundaries, Breaking Barriers: Exploring the Literary Revolution of Young Adult Literature

2011, The Dental Corps are on the Move: The History of Dentistry in the Military

2011, Now Available to a Wider Audience: How Foreign Films Get Lost in American Translations

2011, Finding Balance: Women, Men and Power in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time

2011, Power, Salvation, and the Feminine Ideal According to Dostoyevsky

2011, Minerva, Mary, and the Matriarch: Western Religion and the Evolution of Feminine Power

2011, Calloused Hands: an Interdisciplinary History of the Women of Appalachia

2011, The continuity of Leo Tolstoy's Vision of Life in Pre- and Post-Conversion Works

2010, Pulp Film: Violence in American Cinema

2010,  Our Vampires, Ourselves: the Allure of Vampires Through Time

2010, The Psychological Effects of media Violence

2009, No Animal Left Behind: Problems facing veterinary care on Indian reservations

2009, Happily Ever Once Upon: Kafka's distortion of fairy-tale and mythological motifs

2009, Kafka's Women

2009, Homegrown Courage Inspiring Generations

2007, Defining and Combining Service-Learning at the University Level

2007, Dystopia: The Denial of Desire and Ultimate Surrender of the Self

2006, Ekphrastic Poetry: The Language of Visual Art

2006, Working Between Worlds: Dealing with Religious Christian Fundamentalists in the English Classroom

2004, Drumbeats and Dinner Tables: Tracing African Influences in Southern Cuisine

Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

2012, LGBTQ Studies in the UW Colleges: Creating an Introductory Course Proposal


2015, Save Our Streams: the Effects of Road Salt in our Streams

2015, Grey Water Systems: Eco- and Economically-friendly

2012, Rain Gardens: Nature's Water Conservation System

2012, Harboring Life in the Atmosphere

2011, All Water Rolls Downhill, or Does it?: Storm Water Management on the UW-Waukesha Campus


2015, Crazy Horse in American Memory

2013, Two for Tea and Tea for Two: the Ceramic Dishes of Ten Chimneys

2012, President Polk's War: Examining Manifest Destiny and America's Mexican Conquest

2012, Treasure Trove: Decorative Arts at Ten Chimneys in the Pre-Ikea Era

2012, Macho, Macho Men: an Investigation of Pwer Struggles in the Gay Liberation Movement, 1969-1980

2011, The Holocaust: Researching the Unimaginable

2009, Cuban Missile Crisis: The primary arguments

2004, The Lives of Blacks During the Antebellum Period

2003, Concept Mapping in World History

2003, Student Perspectives on Student Learning

2002, Architecture and Political Power: Kings, Palaces, and Politics


2009, What Does a Mathematician Do?

2006, Matrices in Dimension Four

2003, A Geometry Equation: Fun + Games = Knowledge

2002, Differences and Sums: a New Formula


2015, Doctor's Orders: more toot for a flute

2002, Appraising the Mozart Effect


2013, Are We Organisms?: an Examination of the Somatic and Psychological Continuity Theories of Personal Identity

2011, Aesthetics and War

2010, The Ethical Consumer in a Material World

2010, “You Can’t Take the Sky from Me”: Examining the Political Tensions Between the State and the Individual In Joss Whedon’s Firefly

2010, Functionalism and Qualia

2009, Rule Utilitarianism

2007, The Problem of Evil

2006, Emotionology: A Philosophical Study of the Emotions

2006, Moral Luck and Moral Assessment

Physical Education

2007, Where do children get the influence to stay active and healthy?

2006, Training the Three Energy Systems

2004, Professional Instruction Time in the PE Classroom

2002, The Fitness Detention


2010, From NASA to UWW: Results of a Desktop Radio Telescope

2006, Ghost in the Machine: Chaos in a Simple Electronic Circuit

2004, Observation of Cosmic Rays with a Homemade Particle Detector

2002, Analyzing Solar Motion and Phenomena

Political Science

2012, The Divided House of Europe: the Future Paths the European Union Can Take

2010, "You Can't Take the Sky from Me": Examining the Political Tensions Between the State and the Individual in Joss Whedon's 'Firefly'

2009, Hunting for Answers About Ideology: The role of hunting on the ideological formation

2007, Liberal Media or Failed Policy: Media Coverage of the Iraq War

2007, The Decider is a Divider: The Conflict Model of Presidential Leadership

2006, Iraq's Democratic End Game: Using Political and Electoral Institutions to Reduce Ethnic and Nationalistic Conflict

2003, Empire Building: US Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War Era

2002, The Power of Efficacy: A Comparison of Mass and Elite Personal and Political Efficacy


2015, Implicit Gender Associations and Academic Performance

2015, In the Hot Seat: a Test of Behavioral Aggression in Females

2014, Cleansing Low-Morals with Donated Dollars

2014, Time Devoted to Others is Time Well Spent: the Relationship Between a Student Having an Adult Mentor and Their Academic Engagement

2014, Biology Makes a Brain, but a Healthy Life Creates a Mind

2014, Ouch, That Hurts!: a Look at Blame Motivation and Unintentional and Intentional Harms

2013, Class Matters: Campus Engagement and the Classroom Experience

2007, Racial Attitudes Across Various Demographics

2006, An Examination of the Influence on a Mother's Decision to Discontinue Breastfeeding

2004, You Gotta Have Heart: The Effects of Optimism on a Difficult Cognitive Task

2004, A Closer Look at the Ups and Downs of Bipolar Disorder

2003, The Role of Dissonance and Social Comparison in Deciding to Divorce

2002, Spatial Skills: a Spider's Web


2004, The Color of Justice in Wisconsin

2002, Parental Involvement and Children's Behavior

World Languages

2003, The Diversity Dilemma in Spain