Youth Options

High school special & Youth Options students are high school juniors and seniors who are taking college courses while still enrolled in high school. High school special and Youth Options students work with their high school guidance counselor and an advisor at UW-Waukesha to select appropriate courses. Youth Options students also need the approval of their local school board for the courses they select. High school special students are responsible for payment of their tuition & fees, while the tuition & fees of Youth Options students are paid by their local school district.

Admission Requirements

The following criteria must be met:

  • Enrollment as a junior or senior in high school. Youth Options students must be enrolled in a public high school. High school special students can be enrolled in a public or private high school or a home-schooling program.
  • Rank in the top 25% of the high school class (in some circumstances, students who are not in the top 25% may be considered, based on demonstrated talent in a particular area).
  • Demonstration of preparation to begin university-level work.
  • High School Special and Youth Options students are allowed to register for courses if space allows. Registration for courses will take place immediately prior to the start of each semester.

How to Apply

  • Contact the UW-Waukesha Enrollment Services Office, or your high school guidance counselor.
  • Meet with the high school guidance counselor to:
    • Select first choice and alternate courses. Not all courses are available each semester.
    • Determine whether to apply as a Youth Options student or a High School Special Student. If applying as Youth Options, apply to local school board for course approval.
  • Submit the following to the UW-Waukesha Enrollment Services:
    • UW System application for admission.  Select the high school/youth options application. 
    • A letter of recommendation from a school counselor or a teacher. The letter should specify the reason that it is in the best interest of the student to take a class at UW-Waukesha and the student's ability to succeed in a university level course.
    • An official high school transcript & ACT scores, if available.
    • Youth Options students also need to submit the DPI Youth Options Program Plan and Report form #PI-8700A – Rev 8-98 (This form is available in the high school guidance office and should be completed by the student and approved by your local school board prior to submitting to UW-Waukesha.)
  • Students who are admitted will receive notification of the next steps … placement testing, orientation and registration.

For Further Information

Contact the Enrollment Services Office at (262) 521-5040.