External Scholarships

The following scholarships are offered by external groups and agencies.  UW-Waukesha does not endorce any of these companies/organizations, but wants to make them available to our students.  Please follow the directions provided in the attachements for more information or to apply.

Virginia "Bea" Root Scholarships

The Paralyzed Veterans of America, WI Chapter scholarship programs were established to support individuals who are committed to providing quality medical care to veterans living with spinal cord injury or diseases. Our Chapter’s priority is to ensure the influx of highly qualified medical staff into the arena of spinal cord medicine and rehabilitation. Offering current and future veterans that are suffering spinal cord injury or disease would continue to receive the best care possible from the staff of the Spinal Cord Injury Unit of Zablocki VA Medical Center and other VA Medical Centers offering such care.

Five types of scholarships are available to individuals pursuing their education in spinal cord injury medicine in the following career fields: Nursing, Practical Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Recreational Therapy.


Kathy Welter Memorial Nursing Scholarship

The Paralyzed Veterans of America, WI Chapter is pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for the Kathy Welter Memorial Nursing Scholarship. The scholarship consists of  ONE (1) $2,000.00 (two thousand dollars) Scholarship annually awarded  to the Applicant who is the “best fit” for the necessary criteria.  This scholarship program is geared to CNA I, CNA II, and LPN personnel who have 2 (two) or more years of work experience, are currently working with a Spinal Cord Injury/Disease floor or center, and are aspiring to obtain an RN certification in the State of Wisconsin. This scholarship program includes students who are in their junior or senior year of an RN program, recognized by the State of Wisconsin, for acquiring RN certification and have intentions of working at a SCI/D facility. In return, PVA WI asks that the recipient seek employment in a Spinal Cord Injury Unit or in a Rehabilitation facility for one (1) year, to be completed within a three (3) year period after graduation.

Apply for this scholarship

Medical Assistant Degrees Healthcare Scholarship

The scholarship is free to apply for and the deadline for applications is June and December. Applicants are asked to submit a 750-1000 word essay on why they wish to pursue a career in the healthcare field. One lucky applicant will be awarded $500 which they are free to spend as they wish. For full details about our scholarship, please view more information here

Webucator Scholarship for Computer Science Students

Webucator's Scholarships aim to support students who are studying Computer Science. Scholarships will be awarded to eligible students who show the greatest potential for leadership in the field of computer science. Leadership can be shown in a variety of ways - through education, innovation, communication, and more. As an example, a high school English teacher with a good understanding of computer programming can help her school make better use of technology in education. Our scholarships are not limited to students who plan to go into the field of computer science, but are open to all students who study computer science with the intention of using the knowledge gained to provide leadership in their chosen field.  For more information, please see their website.  

2015 Rural Student Scholarship Essay

To apply for the Blaze Wifi Rural Students Scholarship Program, write an in-depth blog post on the following topic:

Do you prefer living in the city or out in the country more? Why? What are some benefits and drawbacks to each? If possible, support your argument with real life experiences.

Publish an original personal essay of no fewer than 600 and no more than 1,000 words in length on any blog or website by the application deadline date (see below). Special consideration will be given to candidates who include photos and images in their posts!

In the body of your essay, include a link back to the official Blaze Wifi website (www.blazewifi.com). Look here for more information on how to create an HTML hyperlink.

If you don't have a personal blog already, you can start a free blog quickly and easily here.

Transfer Times

The Transfer Times is offering a $6,000 scholarship for transfer students.  For more information please see their website.

Concussion Awareness Scholarship

gAm (Great Awareness Monologues) is offering a $1,000 cash scholarship wish may be used for any documented related expenses incurred during 2015 while pursuing your education or for any documented expenses you will incur for the 2015 college year.  For an application you can download it directly from gAM website.

The Expert Institute's Annual Healthcare and Life Sciences Scholarship

Without the technical insights provided by members of the healthcare and life science communities, attorneys would not be able to effectively seek justice for their clients. From prescription drug and medical device torts, to intellectual property disputes surrounding proprietary biological research, healthcare and life science professionals have become an essential part of American justice. In recognition of these vital contributions to the practice of law, The Expert Institute is offering a $1000 scholarship to students in medicine and the life sciences.  For more information on applying to the scholarship please go to their website.

Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce Scholarship

The Lee Holloway Scholarships for Minority Students has been made possible by the Milwaukee County Research Park Corporation.  The scholarships will be awarded each year to two (2) juniors in a technology field and will continue through their senior year, provided they meet program criteria.  For the 2015-2016 academic year, scholarships will also be available for two (2) seniors.  Each student will receive $5,000 a year ($2,500 each semester).

Guidelines and Application


Dennis Peterman Scholarship

The Building Inspectors Association of Southeast Wisconsin has established a Dennis Peterman Scholarship fund. The Scholarship total fund allocated for 2015 is $3,500. The maximum number of Scholarships to be awarded will be seven (7). The maximum individual Scholarship to be awarded is set at $1,500 and will be based on scoring criteria per applicant as set forth by our Scholarship Committee and the number of applicants.

This fund is being established in the hopes of encouraging future participation within the Construction field. These Scholarships are being offered to 2nd year, or greater, University or College students that are participating in a Construction field of study.


Jaycees of Wisconsin Foundation

The Denise Bertucci Memorial Scholarship fund was developed to recognize and encourage individuals who have returned to school after a break in their formal education.  These individuals should exhibit a desire for self improvement and leadership abilities while at the same time being able to maintain an above average grade point.  The scholarship was named the Denise Bertucci Memorial Scholarship to recognize the contributions this young woman made to her family, community and to the JCI Wisconsin (f/k/a the Wisconsin Jaycees).  These scholarships are sponsored by the Jaycees of Wisconsin Foundation, Inc., and given out annually. 

For a complete description and application download it here.

College Drug Awareness Scholarship

NO APPLICATION FEE REQUIRED. The cash scholarship may be used for any documented related expenses incurred during 2015 while pursuing your education or for any documented expenses you will incur for the 2015 college year. The process to apply for the scholarship has been made very easy and simple but you must read and follow instructions to be considered. No special exceptions will be made.

For a complete description and application download it here

Bruning Legal Essay Scholarship

The attorneys of Bruning Legal understand that an education is often the foundation of a successful and productive career. In addition, we are also aware of the fact that many students and families struggle to meet the ever-rising costs associated with obtaining a college degree. As a result, we are pleased to announce that we will be offering a $500 college scholarship to the winner of our annual essay contest. Details regarding the essay and the application procedures are detailed here.

Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC., Annual College Scholarship Essay Contest

The firm is offering a $1,000 college scholarship to the winner of their essay competition. All students who plan on pursuing a course of study at a college or university for the school year of 2015-2016 are encouraged to apply. Find more information here.

The Zieger Firm Scholarship

The Zieger Firm is offering a $1,000 college scholarship to the winner of their essay competition. All students who plan on pursuing a course of study at a college or university for the school year of 2015-2016 are encouraged to apply. Find additional information here. 

Zumper Apartment Scholarship

We’re looking for outstanding students who have helped their classmates or community in a tremendous way. Maybe you started a club that raised $10,000 for charity, or championed recycling and sustainable practices across campus. Whatever it is, we’d love to hear about it!

  Find additional information here. 

PKSD Advanced Learning Scholarship

The law offices of Pitman, Kalkhoff, Sicula & Dentice proudly present the annual PKSD Advanced Learning Scholarship.  This scholarship was created by the firm to recognize, assist and encourage deserving individuals that are pursuing an education at a college or university level.  Find additional information here. 

James "Rhio" O'Connor Memorial Scholarship Fund

A monthly $1000 award open to current students.  Find additional information here

I Heart My School Scholarship

It could be an awesome teacher, a great neighborhood near campus, or that weekly concert on the square. You tell us! To win, describe 5 great things you love but most people don’t know about your school. Your piece should be no more than 1000 words, but you can include up to 5 related pictures (only your own pictures, please).  Find additional information here 

Good360 Sustainability Scholarship

Good360 is a non-profit organization that connects donated goods with charities that need them. If you’re a high school senior applying to college, or you’re currently a college student, and you have an interest in sustainability and the environment, then share your thoughts on what sustainability means to you to be eligible for a college scholarship with an award of $1,000 that goes towards tuition. Find additional information.