Advising & Registration

New Freshman Advising & Registration Sessions

Advising & Registration (AR) is an event that all new freshmen are required to attend in order to get registered for their first semester. AR is an academic orientation that introduces students to various aspects of our university. Students go through a technology orientation, meet academic advisors, and learn about degree requirements and the transfer planning process.  Students will work with academic advisors and faculty advisors to review their first semester plan and register for courses.  Student IDs and campus tours are also available at AR.

AR lasts approximately 3 hours and generally occurs at least 10 days after placement tests have been taken on campus. Students must sign up for AR in advance of the scheduled sessions and expect to attend the entire event in order to register for classes. 

Students admitted into the Fresh Start program, you must attend an intake advising appointment prior to attending AR.  If you were admitted into the Fresh Start program, please contact Tiffany at 262-521-5040. 

Items to Bring 

Please print out and complete the tasks in this packet:
Fall 2015 Advising & Registration Packet and the English 098 Learning Community Packet
For Fresh Start Program Students: Fall 2016 Fresh Start Program Advising & Registration Packet and the English 098 Learning Community Packet (Fresh Start)

Things to Review 


If you need to reschedule your scheduled AR date, please do so by using the same links provided in the email you used to originally register for AR.  If you cannot find this email, please contact Please keep in mind that rescheduling will place you into a later AR date and course availability may become increasingly limited.