Kathleen Bubinas

Kathleen Bubinas

Associate Professor


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Tue:12pm - 1pm
Thu: 12pm - 1pm;  4pm - 6pm

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I am interested in the role of informal economies such as farmers' markets, ethnic economies, and community gardens within the context of the broader national economy.  Currently, I am conducting survey research across the State of Wisconsin in order to begin to develop a sustainability index for farmers markets.  While research has focused on the history, economics, and consumption patterns of farmers markets, questions related to the sustainability quotient of these informal economies have not been addressed. In tandem with this research, I am enumerating customer motivations for shopping at farmers markets in order to recommend strategies for increasing consumer spending. In addition, I am conducting research on the effects of gardening and volunteering on individuals' health as part of a broader research project on anti-angiogenic foods being sponsored by NuGenesis Farm and UW-Waukesha.

I teach courses in General and Cultural Anthropology, Urban Anthropology, Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective, Food and Culture, Multicultural Learning through Study and Service, and Cultures of the World.


N.d. Shopping on Main Street: A model of a community-based food economy. In Sustainability as Myth and Practice in the City.  M. Checker, C. Isenhour, and G. McDonough, (eds.).  New Directions in Sustainability, Cambridge University Press. (forthcoming)

2011  Farmers Markets in the Post-Industrial City.  City and Society 23(2):154-172.
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Ph.D. Anthropology 2001 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Department of Anthropology

Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies 2001 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Center for Women’s Studies

Research and Teaching Interests
  • Informal economies
  • Farmers' markets
  • Urban agriculture
  • Ethnic communities and labor markets in the United States
  • Women in the workplace
  • Urban anthropology
  • Student service-learning