Student Research Symposium set for Saturday, April 29

Free admission to annual event
By UW-Waukesha
UW-Waukesha students & advisor at 2016 Symposium
2016 Student Research Symposium
L to R: Heather Carroll (advisor), Emma Kutschenreuter, Andy Russell
(missing: Nicole Italiano)

The annual Student Research Symposium at UW-Waukesha takes place this Saturday, April 29, beginning at 8:30am. Typically reserved for graduate students at elite universities, the symposium is modeled after a scholarly conference. Freshman and sophomore students at the UW-Waukesha campus will present the results of their research and answer questions from the campus community.

The UW-Waukesha students who will be presenting, along with a description of their projects and advisors include:

  • Robert Hall (Biology) - Hands-on Phylogenetics: Big Data DNA, Computation and FOXP2 (Faculty mentor: Suzanne Joneson)
  • Alex Miller (Mathematics) – Deriving the Determinants: Hypercubes and Higher Dimensional Math (Faculty mentor: Paul Sundheim)
  • Kesha Patel and Robert Hall (Biology) – The Effect of Turbulence on the Development of Morphology in the Lake Malaŵi endemic cichlid fishes of the genus Labeotropheus  (Faculty mentor: Michael Pauers)
  • Taylor Zoephel (Philosophy) – Ethics of Animal Testing (Faculty mentor: Tim Dunn)
  • John McVey, Ben Patterson, Kesha Patel, Christopher Fields (English) – Go With the Flow: An Attempt to Meet Writer’s Expectations (Faculty mentors: Heather Carroll and Sarah Pagliaroini)
  • Melissa Tapp (English) – Make the Bard Great Again: A look into Shakespeare’s value (Faculty mentor: Ellyn Lem)
  • Jared Sitte (Political Science)Terrorism Recruiting in Saudi Arabia Compared to Other Countries on the Arabia Peninsula (Faculty mentor: Dylan Bennett)


Everyone is welcome to attend the presentations, which take place in Room C101.
UW-Waukesha is located at 1500 N. University Drive in Waukesha.

For more information, contact Scott Silet, Senior Academic Librarian, UW-Waukesha




Sue Bausch, Regional Director of Communications