Student Spotlight: Alondra Perez

Pre-College Camp Provided Direction for Nursing Career
By UW-Waukesha

UW-Waukesha is beginning a new Student Spotlight that will feature one student each month. The purpose is to highlight their academic achievement and provide the community with an inside look into campus life and a greater understanding of the diverse profiles and experiences of our students.

This month we feature Alondra Perez who begins her sophomore year at UW-Waukesha in September. Alondra has kept busy over summer, serving as a mentor in the pre-college University camps (under the direction of James Boling).  A participant in the program since sixth grade, this is her second year as a mentor.

Alondra PerezName: Alondra Perez
Age: 18
Hometown: Waukesha, WI
Major: Nursing
Career Goal: My goal is to become a pediatric nurse in a setting like Children’s Hospital. I have grown a passion for nursing after going along to various doctors’ appointments for my sister’s cancer.
High School: The Waukesha Academy of Health Professions (South High School), 2016

Explain the University (pre-college) Camp experience:  As a first generation college student, I was not taught what the next steps are after high school.  I couldn’t rely on my parents to answer my questions or mentor me into doing well in college. They would say, “you need to attend college” and that was it. Through the pre-college program, I was introduced to many different things. I knew what a loan, scholarship, and grant was by middle school. I learned what a major is and how to find the right fit when it came to picking out a campus. I was always surprised that many of my peers were not aware of many of the things I was able to learn from this program. This program has helped me grow, explore, and find out what I wanted for myself. It has benefited me in so many ways and I am so thankful for all the opportunities I have been able to gain. I strongly suggest joining pre-college programs to students!

Why did you choose UW-Waukesha? I chose UW-Waukesha because of the level of comfort I developed here –after years of being on campus for the summer camp. Not only do I enjoy that it is close to home, but I knew from the start that I would have many opportunities here, as well as support. James Boling was a major reason for me attending here, too. He has always been there for me as a mentor and supporter. I was not ready to be on my own on a big campus, so I knew Waukesha would be a great fit.

Outside of being a college student, what takes up your free time? Besides being a college student, I am also a mentor for the Pre-College program on campus. I also participate in many clubs and events on campus. I had the wonderful opportunity to be president of O.L.L.A (Organization of Latin Leaders of America) which got me really involved within campus. I am also secretary of AAU (African American Union), and a member of the Diversity Club on Campus. UW-Waukesha being a small campus, has not limited my opportunities to be involved, which I really enjoy. I have met many close friends and have taken part in many great events that I take much pride in.

Who is your favorite professor or staff member? This is a difficult question because I can probably name a few! First, of course, I love James Boling. He is such an important resource to me here and is able to lighten my day with a simple hug or “good morning.” Academically, I really enjoyed Derek Blemberg (English) as a professor. He was always so energetic and engaging throughout his course. I learned many critical thinking skills from him that I am able to use outside of the classroom.

What is your favorite class? As Derek was my favorite professor, I have to say English class was also my favorite. His class always had me in a good mood, and I actually enjoyed being there. I am not the strongest writer or reader, but his assignments slowly helped build my skills in English. I also enjoyed having many of my peers in his classroom.

What do you plan to do after UW-Waukesha? I plan to transfer (after this year) to either UW-Parkside or Western Michigan.

Advice for incoming UW-Waukesha students? Get involved! UW-Waukesha is sometimes viewed as a ‘show up to class and leave’ campus - which is completely false. When you get involved, you are able to meet so many new people and build these strong bonds and connections. Also, time management! Make sure you have time to balance work, classes, and studying, as well as social time. Classes will get harder and you need to learn how to say no sometimes, but also make time to get the rest you need.  


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Perez and Boling
      Alondra Perez and James Boling serve as judges for a lunch taco-making contest
                                             during University Camp this summer.



Sue Bausch, Regional Director of Communications