Transfer Success Story

Focus on UW-Waukesha Alum, Nicole A. Smith
By UW-Waukesha

Nicole A. SmithUW-Waukesha is highlighting alum and Waukesha native, Nicole Smith who successfully transferred to UW-Madison, where she completed a degree in Retail and Consumer Behavior.  Nicole’s ability to graduate in 3 1/2 years with a 3.8 GPA says much about her as well as the excellent transfer program.  

Name: Nicole A. Smith
Hometown: Waukesha
Major: Retailing and Consumer Behavior, with a certificate in Entrepreneurship
High School you graduated:  Waukesha North, 2013

Career Goal?  "Do what you love, love what you do" is a quote that hangs prominently on my wall and best explains my career goal.  It reminds me to stay true to what I am passionate about and continue to do work that fulfills me as a person. Currently employed at Associated Bank and Kohl’s Department Store, Nicole notes that “I do not need to have the highest title in the company, I just want to be happy and to do good for the company and my surrounding community.”

Why did you decide to start at UW-Waukesha? Saving money was the biggest appeal. I paid for my own college education and UW-Waukesha provided an affordable start. Most students are taking the same Gen Ed classes during their freshman and sophomore years. It made sense to save the money and take them at a smaller university. Also, being able to live at home and work while I attended UW-Waukesha allowed me to save money to help pay for books and tuition while I was at UW-Madison. 

Did you feel prepared for UW-Madison?  I felt very prepared for my classes. I didn’t stay in the dorms at UW-Madison, but I would recommend that students take advantage of the transfer dorms. It’s a great way to meet other students and build friendships right away.

Any other helpful tips for future students? I highly recommend talking frequently with advisors on campus and using the Transfer Information System when signing up for classes. It saves a lot of time and money when your credits transfer. This was a huge part of why I was able to graduate in 3.5 years.

UW-Waukesha is located at 1500 University Drive in Waukesha.  The campus serves as an affordable access point to the UW System, offering a quality education to area students, with small class sizes and dedicated faculty.  
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Sue Bausch, Regional Director of Communications