UW-Waukesha Students Present Research in State Capitol

14th annual event showcases work of UW Undergraduates
By UW-Waukesha
Research in rotunda event
L to R:  Professor Gregg Jamison, Lee Stedman, Kesha Patel, Robert Hall, Jake Molkentin, and Jared Stoner
Research in the Rotunda 2017

On Wednesday, April 12, 2017, three UW-Waukesha teams presented their undergraduate research at the 14th Annual University of Wisconsin System Research in the Rotunda event in Madison.  Each year, Research in the Rotunda showcases the exciting research taking place by students across the state and helps this important research that impacts the state’s economic future.  The students shared their research with legislators, state leaders and other supporters.

The first team included Jacob Molkentin, Milwaukee; Jared Stoner, Nashotah; and Lee Stedman, Milwaukee.  The trio presented research titled, “Tools that Tell Time: Archaeology and Wisconsin’s Past.” Their advisor is Dr. Gregg Jamison, Assistant Professor of Anthropology. Their project included analyzing a collection of prehistoric stone artifacts from Wisconsin to learn about the people who made and used them, providing a hands-on opportunity to learn about Wisconsin’s past.

The second team included Robert Hall and Kesha Patel, both from Waukesha. Their research was titled, “The effect of turbulence on the development of morphology in the Lake Malaŵi endemic cichlid fishes of the genus Labeotropheus.” Their project included experimenting with changes in turbulence levels to determine if the body shapes of the two species of fish were adaptations for feeding. Michael Pauers, Professor of Biology at UW-Waukesha is their advisor.


Christian Reese from Delafield and his advisor Mark Hall, Associate Professor of Computer Science at UW-Marathon worked remotely on the third project. This project involved automation of Early Alerts for UW Colleges students. The pair worked remotely to design a java application for UW Colleges’ faculty that creates criteria (based on each course assignment), It then automatically sends out early email alerts to students who fall below the academic standard set.

Cathy Sandeen, Chancellor of UW Colleges and Extension, noted the importance of undergraduate research, stating, “Not only does this activity encourage greater student engagement and persistence, but it helps us shape the innovators of tomorrow for the state of Wisconsin.”

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Mark Hall
Mark Hall, UW-Marathon presented Christian
Reese' research. (Reese was unable to attend
due to health.)


Christian Reese with Research Poster. 


Sue Bausch, Regional Director of Communications