Campus Climate Committee

The Campus Climate Committee (CCC) was formed several years ago and charged with evaluating the UW Colleges Climate survey and proposing actions to improve the campus climate, especially in regards to acceptance of diversity.  Committee members believed that the goal of creating a safe and welcome climate for all students/staff/faculty requires constant conscious effort and thus the committee continues to meet and work on ways in which the campus climate might be improved. 

Based on the recommendations of the CCC, two new student groups were formed over the past couple of years: the Pride Alliance (advisors, Lisa Hager and Tim Thering) and the Student Veterans Association (advisor, Ellyn Lem).  The CCC also created a bias-incident report that may be filled out anonymously, sponsored safe-zone training, and has developed campus programming to foster awareness and discussion of campus climate issues. 


Teaching staff are encouraged to add the statement below on inclusivity to the policy section on your syllabi. This statement translates part of the UW Colleges policy on student non-academic misconduct into the vernacular and applies it to the classroom environment. The idea here is to prevent threatening and harassing comments and behavior by making it clear to our students that we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to disrespect and discrimination of others from the first day of class.

Adding this statement to your syllabi is, of course, completely voluntary, but the CCC asks that you consider it because it is one way that we can further establish our campus’ commitment to being a truly inclusive learning environment. As part of our work on this issue, the CCC plans on having programming in the near future in which we, as faculty and staff, can collectively devise strategies to specific situations. 

Commitment to Inclusive Excellence

As per UWS 17 of the University of Wisconsin Colleges Student Rights & Regulations, no form of harassment or discrimination is allowed in this class on the basis of identity, including but not limited to race, gender, class, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, immigration status, veteran status, gender identity, nationality, and/or ethnicity. While this class seeks to foster an environment in which ideas and beliefs can be challenged in the spirit of academic inquiry, such challenges must be respectful and civil so that all class members are welcome and empowered to participate in this learning process.


The Campus Climate Committee is open to all on campus.  If you have a special concern or an idea that you would like the Campus Climate Committee to address, please feel free to contact one of the members.

Committee Members

James Boling
Lisa Hager
Sue Kalinka
Lorran Ross                                                                            
Scott Silet
Timothy Thering
Amy Machgan
Michelle Palma