Campus Tobacco Policy

UW-Waukesha Tobacco and Smoke-Free Policy


UW-Waukesha is committed to providing facilities for its faculty, staff and students that are well maintained and promote academic excellence.  To that end, UW-Waukesha is a tobacco and smoke-free campus with two areas designated for tobacco or e-cigarette usage.  This policy is not intended to control any person’s personal choice to use tobacco or alternative smoking products, but rather to support a safer and healthier environment for individuals to live, work and learn. 


The use of all tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, pipes and smokeless or oral tobacco such as “dip” or snuff ) and alternative nicotine products or intake methods which produce a smoke, vapor or emission affecting individuals other than the user (including but not limited to products commonly known as “e-cigarettes”) is prohibited anywhere within the buildings and grounds of the campus, other than in the two designated tobacco use areas (see campus posters).


This policy applies to all employees, students, and the public, including visitors, vendors, contractors, etc.  It includes all the buildings and property leased by the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents for the operation of UW-Waukesha at 1500 N. University Drive, Waukesha, WI, the UW-Waukesha Field Station at W349S1480 S. Waterville Road, Oconomowoc, WI and other uses that occur within the boundaries of the campus.


Campus leadership will work to communicate this policy to employees, students and the public.  The Buildings and Grounds department will identify and install appropriate signage to be put up in buildings and around the campus. 


This policy is enforceable under various state and local ordinances and UW System policies. All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to notify and/or remind individuals that we are a tobacco and smoke-free campus except for designated areas.  Infractions by students should be referred to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, and infractions by all others to the Campus Dean.

Download a map of acceptable tobacco use areas.