D2L Tips

Welcome to Desire2Learn

Desire2Learn (D2L) provides a way for your instructors to integrate online materials and activities into your courses. This sheet is intended to provide basic information about logging in and printing.

Note: Not all professors use D2L. If you do not see a particular class when you access D2L, check with your instructor to make sure a site exists for that class.

For detailed instructions on what you need to do in your D2L course site, refer to materials from your instructor. Further assistance on how to use D2L can be found by clicking on the links in the Student Resources Widget (box) in D2L, the Helpdesk, an IT staff member, or your instructor.

Getting Into D2L

  • Log onto the computer at your campus or at home.  If you are not familiar with the login procedures, ask for assistance from the lab assistant. Open a browser; Internet Explorer 9/10/11, Firefox (current version) and Chrome (current version) are the most compatible browsers for D2L.  
  • Go to https://d2l.uwc.edu
  • Use your campus network login to access D2L. Enter your username, which is the same as your UW Colleges e-mail username. This is typical: the first four letters of your LAST NAME, followed by the first letter of your FIRST NAME, followed by the last four digits of your PRISM ID number. Example: Joe Student, with PRISM ID 0123456 would have studj3456 for a username. Note: Do not use @students.uwc.edu as part of your username.
  • Enter your password. Your password is the same password you use to access the campus network. If you have not set up your password, please got to https://portal.uwex.uwc.edu/reset/
  • You are now on the UW Colleges D2L Home Page for your campus, an area designed as a portal to all of your D2L courses and resources. You can find your courses in the My Courses box. Use the expansion arrows to the right to expand and collapse your choices.
  • If you have any questions about maneuvering through your class site, please check with your instructor, a computer lab assistant, or/and IT staff member.

D2L Support

  • Contact your instructor or a member of the IT staff at (262)521-5540.
  • If your instructor or an IT staff member is not available contact the UW Colleges Service Desk or call 1-888-893-9892 
  • The Service Desk will respond to your request for assistance between 7:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. M-F.

Before contacting the UW Colleges please make sure you do the following:

  • Using the correct URL (address): https://d2l.uwc.edu
  • Using the same username/password as your UW Colleges network login without “@students.uwc.edu” in your username.
  • If working from home, complete the system check before logging in. That is a link on the login screen.  You should do this before you login from home for the first time.
  • Have both cookies and javascript turned on.

Other problems that might occur:

  • Contact your instructor for course-related questions.
  • If you have technical difficulty with your computer or the internet, you should contact your computer manufacturer or your Internet Service Provider.

Printing from D2L

It is recommended that you do not print documents directly from D2L. When you get the option/window to “Open” or “Save” a course document, do not “Open.” Select “Save” and save the document to your “My Documents.” Then open your course document in “My Documents” and set up the document for printing. To save on printing and paper, refer to the sheet Printing (Quotas and Options).