Wireless Network

Wireless Printing

You can now print on campus using your wireless devices. Wireless Printing help sheet.

Map of approximate coverage area

We now have a campus wide wireless network. The wireless network is intended for personal equipment (i.e. laptop, PDA, etc.) and should cover most of the campus, with an emphasis on student areas (Classrooms, Hub, Library, Lounge, Quad, etc.).

Many laptops will automatically connect to the Internet but if you are using an older version of Windows or some other device you may need to manually enter the Service Set Identifier (SSID: UWWaukesha) in the network properties.

If you have any problems connecting to the wireless network, please bring you laptop/device to the IT staff in the Computer Center and they will try to help you to connect to the wireless network.

Additional Wireless Information

This is not an open network; a username and password are needed to gain access. Students who are not registered through UW-Waukesha's PRISM, must contact the Computer Center to arrange for a one-day pass. You should also make sure that you keep your anti-virus software current on your laptop. The Wireless Network Connection dialog box lists all the nearby wireless networks that have strong enough signals for a connection. For each network, it shows the SSID, encryption, connection status, and signal strength.

Like any radio signal, the signal strength of Wi-Fi networks varies depending on how close you are to the wireless access point (WAP), what type of computer you are using and the obstacles that are between you and the WAP. Like the bars on your mobile phone, the Wireless Network Connection dialog box shows more bars when the signal is stronger. You can connect even if you only see one bar, but you might lose your network connection if you move a few feet or if you turn your computer in a different direction.