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From professional development to personal enrichment to youth programs, the Continuing Education Department has something for everyone!
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Continuing Education offers a variety of non-credit courses for people pursuing life-long learning opportunities.
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GEMS-Annual one-day conference for girls in grades 6,7,& 8
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Travel with us and visit exciting new destinations close to home or throughout the United States.
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Life Long Learning

Continuing Education

Featured Classes!

ACT: The Cambridge Approach - Prepare now for the next regional ACT test date in June!

Instructor: Margaret Rowland

Improve your ACT score which could help you be accepted into the college you’re eyeing. With the Cambridge Approach, you will take both a pre- and post-test to help understand your growth within the program. This class is tailored to meet the needs of the students. How do we do this? By using the pre-test results. Each class is specifically crafted to meet the individual needs of the students in that class. With a success rate of 98%, you can’t go wrong! The course covers the four multiple-
choice tests: English, Reading, Science and Math, plus writing and test anxiety. The next regional ACT test dates: June 14, 2014. ACT class information

New! In Your Own Words

Instructor, John Lehman

Awake, Develop, Connect. In this workshop participants do brief, directed writings that release stories, emotions and truths and put them in a form that is engaging to readers. Gain insight and some behind-the-scenes magic you can put to immediate use that will facilitate your writing now and forever. Gain understanding of your creativity, reclaim your storytelling self, and bring subjects to life on paper. This is designed to be a fun workshop that will provide you with some great writing tools and is ideal for new writers, teachers, students, parents, anyone! View writing classes

Investing 101

Instructor, Chuck Winn, Metlife Financial Advisor

Basic overview of the difference between saving and investing and how investment options can create income sources

Thurs, Apr 17, 6:30-7:30pm, $29/person or $39/couple View Financial Education classes

New! What to Do When Overwhelm is Overwhelming!

Instructor, Di Philippi, MA, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor

Feeling the pressure of more and more demands on you every day? Life is full of stressors. Keeping up with it all can feel impossible at times. The challenge is how to catch yourself in the moment of overwhelm to prevent a meltdown. Learn practical coping strategies for turning things around and strategies to prevent overwhelm from building up in the first place. View Healthy Lifestyle classes