Files, Folders and Finding Things

Instructor, Brian Oswald
Ever wonder where all of your files actually end up on your computer? Want to move files from your digital camera, or other portable device, but not sure how the information is stored? Have you ever downloaded something, and then not known where to find it? This class will help you understand how your computer organizes your information, so that you might be able to find what you need.

Protecting Your Privacy Online

Instructor, Brian Oswald
What does the online world know about you? What are you telling them without even realizing it? In this class, we look at how to make your computer safe from internet snoopers and hackers. We then look at what search engines like Google and Bing know about you, and how they find out. Finally, we take a look at social networks like Facebook, and discuss how to be safer when using them. You might also like: How The Internet Works.