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Nature Lover’s Photography Workshop Friends of the Field Station class Friend of the Field Station

*A portion of your registration fee will be donated to the Field Station Foundation Fund.
Instructor, Chris Jourdan
Immerse yourself in the perfect setting to learn how to take mesmerizing nature photographs. This workshop will begin with a class to cover all the proper technical information on camera settings and equipment for great nature shots. We will then put our knowledge to the test and head out for a photo shoot on the grounds of the UW-Waukesha Field Station with onsite help from your instructor! Nestled between Wales and Dousman, the Field Station offers a diverse sampling of Wisconsin’s forests and grasslands. Spring is the perfect time to catch nature in its glorious blooming stage! This class is on-site at the beautiful and idyllic UW-Waukesha Field Station, W349 S1480 S. Waterville Rd, Oconomowoc for the first two classes and on campus for the last class.
Class meets every Thursday, Apr 16 - 30, 6:00pm-8:00pm $94
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Unlocking the Secrets of Astrophotography

Instructor, Dennis Roscoe, PhD
Ever wonder just how those marvelous color photographs of objects in our universe are created?  This class will unlock the secrets behind professional astrophotography.  Combining astronomy and digital photography is both a technological and artistic challenge.  Learn what it takes to meet those challenges and take your own pictures of the universe! We will explore some general aspects of astrophotography, basic cosmology, and a general understanding of telescopes and digital photography. Class includes a field trip to a local observatory to practice astrophotography. Beginners welcome!
Class meets every Wednesday, Mar 4 - Apr 8, 6:30pm-8:30pm, $109

Meet your instructor!

Dennis Roscoe

Dr. Dennis Roscoe holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Neurophysiology from the University of Arizona, School of Medicine. He has been a professor of Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University and a professor of Neurology at UW-Madison, College of Medicine.  Dr. Roscoe has combined his engineering and medical background to design and develop medical devices and has been the founder and president of two medical device companies.  For the last ten years, he has also developed a passion for astrophotography and currently owns and operates his own personal observatory. He specializes in the imaging of deep space objects such as nebulae, and in May 2014 his images were published in   Dr. Roscoe currently resides in his country home just northwest of Genesee Depot. He can be contacted through his website at Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the stars from an expert! Join us for Unlocking the Secrets of Astrophotography!


Digital Photography II – Intermediate Camera and Editing

Instructor, Chris Jourdan
Develop your photography skills and become an expert in digital photography! Our second step in taking better pictures starts with learning how to set up and shoot action/movement, customize color settings, edit like a pro with Adobe Photoshop Elements, set up your color preferences in your camera, do shooting and basic processing in RAW,  and much more. Explore the possibilities of what your digital camera has to offer! This class will use Photoshop Elements to download and edit pictures. Please bring your camera gear and downloading cables. Prerequisite: Digital Photography I
Class meets every Tuesday, Mar 3 - 24, 6:00pm-9:00pm, $149


Digital Photography III – Better Camera Settings

Instructor, Chris Jourdan
Take your camera off auto/scene modes and be the photographer you always wanted to be! This class will mostly focus on the more advanced settings in your camera, including aperture and shutter speed, reading histograms, and adjusting for any lighting situation. Apply these newfound settings to different types of picture applications, from sports, to nature, to portraits, or to family pictures. This class will use AdobePhotoshop Elements to download and edit pictures. Bring your camera gear and downloading cables. Prerequisite: Digital Photography II or basic knowledge of Photoshop Elements
Class meets every Tuesday, Mar 31 - Apr 21, 6:00pm-9:00pm, $149


POPULAR! Adobe® Photoshop® Elements for Photographers

Instructor, Chris Jourdan
Learn all the basic downloading, organizing, and editing tools Photoshop® Elements has to offer! We will cover basic editing techniques that every photographer should know. Learn about RAW file conversion, layers, masking, sharpening, and retouching. Please bring a variety of images to class (in RAW or jpeg format).


Intermediate Adobe® Photoshop® Elements for Photographers

Instructor, Chris Jourdan
This class is designed for those who have mastered the basics and want to learn more! We will explore more in-depth editing techniques and will work with RAW file conversion, layers, masking, sharpening, and retouching. Please bring a variety of images to class (in RAW or jpeg format).
Class meets every Thursday, Mar 19 – Apr 9, 6:00pm-9:00pm $149

Meet your instructor!

Chris Jourdan

Christopher J Jourdan has worked as a photographer for over 15 years in our local community photographing everything from portraits, products, weddings, videos, advertising, and fashion. Born and raised in Milwaukee, where he now resides, his passion for photography started early on with black and white photography. The darkroom soon became his best friend. After working his way through college as an E-6 slide technician and a local camera clerk the photographic world quickly switched from traditional film photography to digital photography. Chris was an early adopter of both the digital medium and Photoshop. Working at many of the local studios in the Southeastern Wisconsin area digital photography became a breeze. With this early knowledge of such new systems Chris began offering basic digital camera and Photoshop classes. He joined UW -Waukesha Continuing Education as an instructor in 2005.  His classes have gained much recognition and popularity in the local communities. Chris now currently owns and operates Christopher J Jourdan Photographic offering photography - in studio and on location, photography class instruction, and photographic consultation services. 
Christopher J Jourdan Photographic 

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