World Religion


Wisdom of the East: Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism

Instructor, Michael Mullooly, MA

In the East all persons are understood to be divine. Hence, the key practice in Eastern religions is to wake up to the knowledge that we are divine, and from that awareness achieve enlightenment. Eastern religions emphasize harmony and oneness, and thus have much to offer those with demanding, hectic lives. The objective of this course is to explore the spiritual wisdom of Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism. To do so, we will investigate the historical development of each religion, delve into their most important sacred writings, and examine their sacred art. We will also examine each religion’s key spiritual practice, such as Buddhist meditation, Taoist alchemy, and Hindu yoga. Through our study of Eastern religious history, philosophy and spiritual practice, we will be able to integrate the Wisdom of the East into our lives.

Class meets every Wednesday, Nov 5-Dec 10, 6:30pm-8:30pm, $109

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New! Buddhist Studies Certificate

Beginning this spring, UW-Waukesha is excited to announce our new Buddhist Studies Certificate with instructor Michael Mullooly! Many students have been asking and we are proud to begin class offerings this spring. From its roots in Asia twenty-five centuries ago, Buddhism still exists as one of the major spiritual forces in today’s world. Its compelling insights into human existence offer an ancient yet relevant alternative to the materialism of the modern age. The Buddhist Studies program offers a solid grounding in the Buddhist path. Knowledge of this path can assist mental health workers, religious professionals, artists, educators, and wisdom seekers in their endeavors. 


  • Introduction to Buddhism
  • Buddhist Iconography
  • History of Zen Buddhism
  • Buddhist Meditation
  • Buddhist Literature
  • History of Buddhist Thought
  • Tibetan Buddhism
  • Master Class in Buddhist Studies

Buddhism has the power to transform cultures as well as individual lives. When one completes the eight course sequence, a Certificate in Buddhist Studies will be awarded. Interested? Call Continuing Education at 262-521-5460 for more information!

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Information on the certificate