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Continuing Education is proud to introduce our newly expanded College Prep Courses this Semester!

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The world is yours!

New! Future Business Owners of America: Gen Z Management Group

earlybirdRegister by January 30 for $179!

Price: $199.00

Add this to your college application portfolio! Designed to introduce high school junior and senior potential business students to navigate through the entrepreneurial process. Todays’ youth are wired to take chances and develop business anchored in instant feedback and personal customization. This program provides the structure for business development, brand marketing and business expansion. You will have the ability to foster an idea into an actual operating company. The brightest of the ideas will be exposed to potential funders to provide startup costs and statewide exposure. Develop a business through the use of marketing principles, social media, and local businesses to provide direction and guidance. Develop skills in research, critical trend analysis, academic writing, collaborative work, and oral presentations. Leave with a developed organization, a completed business plan, a logo marketing plan, and a projected launch event! Students will earn a UW  Certificate of Completion. Course materials and class manual included ($50 value).

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You go, girl.

New! Girls in Charge! (Ages 14-18)

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Price: $59.00

Designed to empower girls, this hands-on course is a must for all! Learn how the media, social media, and other factors influence both girl culture and girl behavior. Social culture can shape ideas and actions, sometimes in a way that is biased, subjective, and stereotypical. Work as a group to discover resources, ideas, concepts and how these are integrated into your personal life and the life of your peers. Discover how to promote empowerment and resilience! Your new awareness will help you shape your future!

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We're all in this together!

NEW! Define Yourself with Values Collage (Ages 14-18)

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Price: $59.00

Perfect for the student that would like to expand their network and see first-hand how many similarities exist within a group! Using magazine pictures, photos, drawings, or other media, you will create your own personal collage which will be shared with the group. Quickly discover the universal themes across the group. Students will earn a UW Certificate of Completion in Values Collage. 

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Follow me, everybody!

Summer Friday Fun Days Leadership Program! (Ages 14-18)

earlybirdRegister by April 30 for $109!

Price: $120.00

Perfect for the student that wants to add to their college application portfolio! Some of the top skills that colleges and future employers request are team building, communication, and leadership skills. Throughout this hands-on program, students will build these valuable skills and exercise leadership character traits with their peers. One of the most important characteristics in top leaders is the ability to build relationships. Those with high trust relationships communicate well, go the extra mile, and accomplish tasks more efficiently. Through group activities and exercises, students will have a better understanding about techniques of what it takes to be an influential leader. 

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"I want to be a ________Engineer!"

Guy with student

Summer Engineering & Leadership Exploration for High School Students

Price: $499.00 with one EGR elective college credit OR $299.00 without college credit

High school students have an opportunity to see first-hand the numerous career opportunities that a degree in Engineering can offer! This is the perfect venue for high school students who want to become an engineer, but are not sure what exact field they would like to enter. This year, we have added a leadership building component to the camp! Students will learn about the fields of engineering from local engineers and engineering students, participate in engineering design projects, and visit local businesses to observe engineers at work. For one week, visit a different local company each day, tour their facility, and speak with their engineers to learn what their day entails and how they landed their job position. Explore civil, electrical, industrial/manufacturing, mechanical, material, and architectural engineering.

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Students may enroll for one EGR elective college credit or they may enroll for non-credit.




We got this!

NEW! Conflict and Teamwork for Teens (Ages 14-18)

earlybirdRegister by March 8 for $69.00!

Price: $79.00

Start building your portfolio for college admissions! Being a leader and having leadership qualities go hand in hand with being able to work as a team and resolve conflicts. Learn the best approaches to solving conflicts, and work as a team to resolve, reflect, and apply these strategies to real life! Students will earn a UW Certificate of Completion in Conflict and Teamwork for Students.

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Nail that exam!


ACT Preparation Online Course

Price: $159.00

UW-Sheboygan, UW-Waukesha, and UW-Washington are offering a self-paced ACT® online prep course to prepare students for, and address the changes to the new ACT®. We know that every student’s schedule is not the same. The online option offers 24/7 access and flexibility that students need in order to prepare for the exam. This course also comes with five months of access in order to correlate with ACT® testing dates! Your course begins with an online practice ACT® test so that you will be able to identify the areas you should focus on, work on modules, and receive immediate feed­back from lessons and quizzes for each of the five test sections. When you have completed the lessons, you’ll take a follow-up on­line posttest that will assess how much you’ve improved. Students will receive a comprehensive review of all sections of the test, and be more confident and better prepared for the exam.

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