Girls Engineering, Math & Science (GEMS)

We have begun our planning for our 7th Annual GEMS conference in the spring of 2015!

GEMS 2015

Girls Engineering Math and Science

Open to girls age 11-14

The 7th annual GEMS conference will bring middle school girls and their parents, teachers, community leaders, and successful professional women together in an effort to boost knowledge and interest in various areas of math, science, and engineering. These areas could include anthropology, computer science, applied mathematics, civil engineering, and more! Our unique program will allow girls ages 11 to 14 to choose various hands-on workshops taught by successful professionals in those fields to establish connections and friendships with like-minded girls of the same age group. Coming in 2015, our conference will take place on Saturday, May 23rd. Keep your eyes open for our February registration date which will be posted on our website! Registrations and workshop choices are available on a first-come basis.

On May 3, 2014, 90 middle school girls participated in GEMS at UW-Waukesha and had a terrific day of hands-on workshops in Engineering, Math, and Science. Take a peek at the brochure to see what types of workshops the girls participated in!View the 2014 GEMS brochure with all workshops listed.

A big thank you to our sponsors, American Family Insurance, Wheaton Franciscan, and Rick Smith of JXE Enterprises. Your donations have made this program the success that it is!

Become a GEMS sponsor

Are you a professional in the fields of Engineering, Math, or Science? We are accepting workshop volunteers for the spring of 2015. If you have an idea for a GEMS workshop and would like to volunteer, please contact Holly Wehrhahn


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