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Scott Newcomer

Meet your instructor, Scott Newcomer!

Scott’s extensive experience in the industry includes founding several highly successful multi-inspector firms such as, Newcomer’s Home Inspection Service and House to Home Inspections.  With over 25 years’ experience Scott has conducted countless home inspections and has mentored thousands of home inspectors across the country. 

 As the Founder and senior trainer at All American Training Institute (ATI) Scott understands the best methodologies to train individuals to become successful home inspectors.  His step-by-step process to starting and operating successful home inspection companies provides you a blueprint to success. 

 In addition to his extensive experience in the home inspection industry, Scott has unwavering leadership skills.  Elected by his peers as a State Representative in Wisconsin, he helped to promote and write legislation.  His experiences with lobbying on both a state and national level have made him skillful in leading nationwide associations. 

 Scott currently resides in Pewaukee with his wife Amy, four daughters and two dogs. 

Continuing Education Classes are also available in an online class format:

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Home Inspection Fundamentals 

Price: $899.00

This all inclusive online course provides the most thorough distance learning available for those wanting to be home inspectors.  Over 120 hours of comprehensive content will prepare you to pass the National Home Inspector Examination along with provide you with a sound foundation for starting your business.  This course was designed upon years of home inspecting and training home inspectors.  After completing this course students should be able to: 

  • Understand how a home acts as a system
  • Know common construction materials and proper installation methods
  • Recognize defects
  • Properly report findings to client

Roofing Systems

Price: $120.00

Are you looking for a better understanding of the roof structure and roof covering installation methods?  This course covers the different pitches and slopes along with roof structure, types of coverings and installation methods along with flashings, valleys and common defects.  Upon completion students will have a better understanding of the roof system, how to inspect them and what to report.  

Foundation Inspections

Price: $120.00

Are you looking for a better understanding of foundations and how to spot defects?  This course covers foundations and site inspection processes and how to properly report your findings. Upon completion, students will have a greater understanding of the importance of a strong foundation and how to recognize problem areas.  

Electrical Systems

Price: $120.00

Are you looking for continuing education to renew your license or are you just in need to brush up your knowledge on how to inspect electrical systems?  Either way the online course above is for you.  This course covers all aspects of inspecting electrical systems and their components.  Upon completion of this course, students will have a better understanding of how to safely inspect electrical systems and how to report their findings.


Price: $120.00

Are you looking for a better understanding of HVAC systems?  This course explores the commonly, and uncommon, components of HVAC systems and how to report your findings.  Topics include; heating, cooling, fireplaces, wood burning stoves, heat pump systems and more.  Upon completion, students will have a better understanding of HVAC systems, proper installation methods and how to inspect and report their findings. 

Report Writing to Lower Liability

Price: $99.00

This course is designed to better prepare you for writing your reports.  Using proper terminology will not only allow you to clearly communicate to your client but also lower your liability.  Upon completion students will have a better understanding of proper report writing techniques and terminology along with an understanding of what NOT to say.  

Building Enclosures

Price: $120.00

Welcome to your 10 hour Building Enclosures Continuing Education Course.  This course covers all aspects of building enclosures include site, basements, crawlspaces, foundations, roofing,wood and construction, and egresses.  HVAC is also covered. 

**10% discount is only valid with the online classes. You must register with the code UWWAUK at the time of registration to qualify for the discount.

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