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Reaping the Benefits of Digital eMarketing: A Must for Your Small Business

Instructor, Brad Kroll

Marketing has gone digital! eMarketing includes a wide spectrum of opportunities to reach your customers. eMarketing can do many things, including email promotions, driving traffic to your website, and incorporating digital content to your promotions. Whether you are sending an email to your customers, boosting your website, or advertising online, we can show you how to use digital content in a way that will help drive customers to you. We’ll also show you how your business can capitalize on the digital vitality that comes with eMarketing by writing effective and quality content. Students will learn about online marketing and all of its facets.

The Wonders of Adobe

Instructor, Brad Kroll

This is the perfect introduction to the Adobe® suite of Photoshop®, InDesign®, and Illustrator®! Are you tired of paying designers to create your marketing materials? You can easily create your own materials with the use of Adobe®. We will explore these three major graphic design programs and learn how they interact with one another. Each program is very similar, but each has their own niche to enable you to create your own graphic artwork for letterhead, logos, flyers, and even incorporate pictures. You will be amazed at what you can create! Students will be able to create their choice of a logo or marketing material. Available for 1.4 CEUs; Request at time of registration.

Grow Your Small Business with Social Media

Instructor, Brad Kroll

Social Media is one of the biggest tools for marketing, branding, and public relations. Facebook®, Twitter®, YouTube®, and WordPress® all seem like simple outreach networks. However, the complexity of marketing your business, workplace, or even yourself on social media is more intricate than one would believe, yet it’s achievable even for the novice user. This course will introduce you to social media, how to integrate social media into your organizations, and how to market your organizations using social media. Upon completion of this course, you will not only have a thorough understanding about how social networks function, but most importantly, you will be able to improve your communication skills and online marketing strategies. You will leave this class with a strategic social media plan for your business to begin implementing immediately.

Speaking to Clients

Instructor, Brad Kroll

Regardless of what side of the table you’re on, you know that the interview process is multifaceted. This course will prepare you for being the interviewer or the interviewee. Whether it is interviewing for a job, selling your business to a new client or customer, interviewing a new employee for your business or future subordinate at your company, you will learn about some of the questions that arise in interview situations, and will be able to conduct interviews with other students for practice. You will leave with new skills in reading an individual through the interview process, and have a better understanding of your own personal communication skills.

Meet your Instructor!

Brad Kroll
A graduate of Carroll University, Brad Kroll decided to launch his own graphic design, video production, & multimedia marketing business right out of college! His “big break” into the video industry post-college was the “Discount Double-Check” State Farm commercial, featuring Aaron Rodgers, Robert Smigel, George Wendt and Mike Ditka. His company has over fifty clients including Kohl’s, Kwik Trip, HUSCO International, Patrick Cudahy to name a few! While Bradley loves working in this industry, he is also a professor of video production at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin and teaches for the Continuing Education department at UW-Waukesha. He has written 3 novels, countless songs, scripts and poems. Presently, he’s writing a short story series that he hopes to get published. He wants the series to be easy and addicting reads. His professional, real-world examples and helpful attitude help make his classes interesting! To learn more about Brad, visit


QuickBooks Accounting: Introduction Workshop

Learn to use QuickBooks® for invoicing, bill payment, bank reconciliation, customers, vendor and employee information, payroll, financial reporting, and more. This class features hands-on computer instruction including the accounting needed to work with QuickBooks® correctly. A manual is included with registration for this all day workshop.

QuickBooks Accounting: Intermediate Workshop

Learn time-saving techniques and how to customize the system for your or­ganization’s needs, use inventory and non-inventory items, full payroll feature, and advanced reporting, including aging reports. Common problems and tricky transitions will be included. This class features hands-on computer instruction and is fitted to the needs of participants. A manual is included with registration for this all day workshop.

NEW!!! Home Inspector Fundamentals

Instructor, Scott Newcomer

Are you looking for a career change? This all-inclusive course provides the most thorough information available for those wanting to be home inspectors. This comprehensive course will prepare you to pass the National Home Inspector Examination along with providing a sound foundation for starting your own business. Instructor Scott Newcomer is ready to pass on over 25 years of his experience gained in the home inspection field. After completing this course students should be able to understand how a home acts as a system, recognize common construction materials and proper installation methods, identify defects, and how to properly report findings to clients. This is a great career or 2nd career! 

Meet your instructor, Scott Newcomer!

Scott Newcomer

Scott’s extensive experience in the industry includes founding several highly successful multi-inspector firms such as, Newcomer’s Home Inspection Service and House to Home Inspections.  With over 25 years’ experience Scott has conducted countless home inspections and has mentored thousands of home inspectors across the country.  As the Founder and senior trainer at All American Training Institute (ATI) Scott understands the best methodologies to train individuals to become successful home inspectors.  His step-by-step process to starting and operating successful home inspection companies provides you a blueprint to success.  In addition to his extensive experience in the home inspection industry, Scott has unwavering leadership skills.  Elected by his peers as a State Representative in Wisconsin, he helped to promote and write legislation.  His experiences with lobbying on both a state and national level have made him skillful in leading nationwide associations.  Scott currently resides in Pewaukee with his wife Amy, four daughters and two dogs.

Create Your Expert Speaking Platform

Instructor, Reji Laberje

Using the storyteller model, take advantage of a 6-layered approach to speaking presentations. Contrary to popular belief, presentations are NOT public speaking! Digging deeper, you will consider pillars of public speaking in addition to the manners of human connection, purposes of speaking, audience considerations, and your unique brand, as well as a bit of a public speaking history lesson. Then, you will explore eighteen tools to keep in your presentation arsenal that are showing, telling, engaging, and constructive. Ultimately, you will be able to build jigsaw puzzle-style presentations (moldable to different audiences, time slots, or purposes) which capture your audience and inspire them to positive change.


NEW! The 1-Month Business or Nonfiction Book

Instructor, Reji Laberje

Have you been dreaming about finally getting that book idea on the market for you or your company, but aren’t sure how to navigate yourself? This course will train you for getting your creative idea published in one month! The format of class involves three parts: structured weekly lessons beginning with concept and structure to preparing and publishing your manuscript; time to write, and 15-30 minute home exercises that apply to the seven major writing applications, and finally; a thorough education about the uses of the business and nonfiction market for your businesses’ needs!


NEW! The Playwright's Roller-Coaster

Instructor, Reji Laberje 

Theater is, for adults, what picture books are for children. The illustrations are the actors and actresses, filling in the visual pieces needed to tell the full story to the audience. Monologues, dialogues, and scenes each have their place on the ride, providing the hop onto the ride, the climb, the peak, the resolution, and the drift. Some plays have different twists, turns, and loops, but the fundamentals of getting buy-in from your audience, having a peak, and bringing your audience to a satisfying ending are all relevant. As a playwright, you get to become the architect of your own rollercoaster. THIS is the playwright’s rollercoaster experience. Three two-hour lessons teach you The One-Person Ride with Scriptable Moments and the creation of a Character Monologue, The Two-Person Ride with Dialogue Journal Captures and Script Formatting, before you create your Dialogue, and The Many-Person Ride with Thought-Action-Dialogue, Proper Usage of Dialect, and—finally—Scene Writing. Let’s ride!


NEW! Your Business, Your Story: Sell it with Writing

Instructor, Reji Laberje

In just two quick weeks, discuss the importance of professional writing, the three audiences you need to reach as a business or marketing professional, writing formats, writing platforms, media release calendars, and how to fit business writing into an already full professional calendar. You will leave with valuable, reusable templates; developed verbiage unique to your business; and applicable professional writing tips and tools that will be usable for short- and long-term networking, marketing, and sales goals.

Meet Your Instructor, Reji Laberje

Reji Laberje


6-Time #1 Bestselling Author of over 40 publications, Reji Laberje, (Owner and Creative Director of Reji Laberje Writing and Publishing where they believe in a better world through better words), has spent 20 years as a writer transcending genres including: playwriting, young adult fantasy, sports, action, biography, leadership, and picture books. She’s had book submissions for the prestigious Newbery and Caldecott Medals. Reji’s a fast-paced, process-driven professional writer with unique, full-sensory, non-linear teachings that guide writers from concept to completion of their written and spoken words. She’s been published traditionally, including with #1 National Sports Publisher, Triumph Books, nontraditionally, and through her own company’s hybrid publisher. A trusted, driven, relationship builder who has worked with celebrities, niche experts, and educators, Reji can help turn even novice writers into professional authors. She lives and serves her community outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin alongside her active home of seven people (and four pets).

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Instructor, Bob McIntyre

It has been said employees get hired because of their IQ and get fired because of their EQ. This course will introduce the concepts and importance of emotional intelligence. You will take at least one confidential EQ self-assessment. Topics covered in this course include: definition and elements of emotional intelligence; rationale for knowing your EQ; actions to be taken once EQ is known; and resources for EQ. 

Introduction to Instructional Design 

Instructor, Bob McIntyre

This course is designed for anyone needing to create or improve an instructional event. It will be particularly helpful for SMEs (subject matter experts) who must teach others about the subject matter for which they are an “expert.” This course will cover topics including: getting the scrap out of training, sponsorship, being learner-centered and results-oriented, performance outcome, the 7 laws of learning, training is a process and not an event and the 5-phase structure for modular training.

Preparing for a Behavioral Interview

Instructor, Bob McIntyre

This course will introduce you to the common practice of businesses conducting behavioral interviews for job applicants. You will learn how to customize a resume, prepare for a behavioral interview, and be successful during a behavioral interview. You will participate in at least one trial interview conducted by the instructor, video-recorded and observed by classmates. Self-reflection and feedback from the instructor and students will be constructive.  Prerequisites: Students must have an editable copy of a generic resume and a plan to apply for at least one job in the near future.


Meet Your Instructor, Bob McIntyre

Bob McIntyre

Bob has been in the field of training and development for over 35 years. He started as a high school teacher and coach. He has taught computer courses at MATC and WCTC. For the last 25+ years Bob has been in the corporate world as a software trainer, employee development specialist, instructional designer, change management specialist and training manager. Favorite hobby: bass fishing from a kayak.


Organizational Conversations, "Why One-Way is Often the Wrong Way to Go"

We all know that effective communication is a two way street. One-sided conversations do not create a productive work environment. We will show you how your leadership can create an effective feedback loop, with personal interaction between leadership and employees operating in both directions. Creating channels that enable a positive communication between leadership and employees requires both sides of the conversation to participate. We will show you to utilize different types of media can be used to communicate; leadership will learn to encourage a back-and-forth communication, preventing a one-way street of knowledge. Organizational conversation requires both the communicator and the audience to think and understand differently about the media by creating an open dialogue.  You can learn to communicate effectively throughout the organization with a few simple steps that will encourage dialogue. Effective, communication is no easy task, but changing monologue discussion to open and encouraging conversations will allow interactivity to flourish.


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