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Intro to Meditation Practice for Work


Introduction to Meditation Practice for Work

Are you feeling rushed at work and it seems to keep building? Would you like to explore an option to help you manage it? Learn a proven method to help you recover, reset, and maintain your being. Meditation is an ancient practice that does this. Explore different methods to learn what is right for you! Bring at least one of these: yoga mat, body length beach towel, a blanket, a bolster to sit or lie down on. If you prefer to sit, a chair will be available.

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Effective Communication: What You Need to Succeed



Even if you aren’t currently struggling with miscommunication between co-workers, clients, or friends and family, knowing and practicing the basics of communication can improve your work and personal relations. Learn how to get your point across and maintain eye contact (and control) in a difficult or awkward conversation. You will develop your basic communication skills and fine tune the results to successfully handle face-to-face conversations with individuals in this overly saturated digital age. A must for those aspiring leaders! .8 CEU.

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How Creativity Can Reignite Your Life!


How creativity can ignite your life

If you think you’re not creative, think again! This course will explore four levels of creativity and nudge your innate creative talents to support its flow and practice in various facets of your daily life. You will be amazed to find that you’ve always been creative! The question is not whether you are creative, but how you are creative, and how you can open yourself to it? Open your life and engage in a variety of experiences and exercises which can be a means for enhancing your personal and professional life! 1.0 CEU

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True Colors: Key for Successful Teamwork!

Key to Successful Teamwork

Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your work team through this popular personality assessment. You will benefit by increasing productivity, creating positive relations with your co-workers, realizing your full potential, and learning how to appreciate other personality types. You and your group will take part in various activities and assessment tools to determine aspects of your character in relation to personality, work style, behavioral style, and more! .6 CEU.

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Digital eMarketing 101: A Must for Your Small Business

Digital Emarketing

Marketing has gone digital! You will be surprised how easy it is to expand your business through eMarketing! Your business will benefit by including a wide spectrum of opportunities to reach your customers. EMarketing can do many things, including email promotions, drive traffic to your website, and incorporate digital content into your promotions. Whether you are sending an email to your customers, boosting your website, or advertising online, you will use digital content in a way that will attract customers. You will also learn how your business can capitalize on the digital vitality that comes with eMarketing by writing effective and quality content. .8 CEU

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Effective Supervision in Industry

Effective supervision

A must for the new supervisor, non-supervisors interested in being promoted, or the manager of supervisors. You will learn how to manage your work and motivate your team. You will acquire knowledge on performance metrics and value added work. You don’t need to be overwhelmed with the demands of the work place! You will leave this class with organization and prioritization to keep your workload in perspective. .8 CEU

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Train the Trainer: What You Need to Know About Instructional Design

Train the trainer

Have you been taking on more responsibilities to train others in your area, or maybe you just would like to streamline your training processes? We can help!  Mastering the skills taught in this class will be particularly helpful for SMEs (subject matter experts) who must teach others about the subject matter for which they are an “expert”. You will learn how to get the scrap out of training, save costs, develop sponsorship, be learner-centered and results-oriented, create performance-based outcomes, and apply the seven laws of learning and the 5-phase structure for modular training. Remember, training is a process, not an event! .75 CEU.

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Grow Your Small Business with Social Media


Grow your small Business

Social media is one of the biggest tools for marketing, branding, and public relations. Facebook®, Twitter®, YouTube®, and WordPress® all seem like simple outreach networks. However, the complexity of marketing your business, workplace, or even yourself on social media is more intricate than you would believe, yet it’s achievable even for the novice user. This course will introduce you to social media, how to integrate social media into your organizations, and how to market your organizations using social media. Upon completion of this course, you will not only have a thorough understanding about how social networks function, but most importantly, you will be able to improve your communication skills and online marketing strategies. You will leave this class with a strategic social media plan for your business to begin implementing immediately. 0.8 CEU.

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Intro to Organizational Change Management (OCM)


Many desired changes in organizations fail to achieve their goals because attention was not given to the principles and practices of good change management for groups and individuals. You will gain an overview of the concepts and tools of organizational change management that you can implement immediately. You will learn the tools needed to become more successful as a change leader or change agent. Topics covered include: definition and rational for OCM, the phases and components of OCM, tools of OCM, and resources for OCM. .8 CEU

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Successful Budgeting for Cost Centers


Successful Budgeting

Most accounting is developed on a profit and loss (P&L) basis. Unlike profit centers, cost centers only contribute to a company’s profitability indirectly, even though managers are still expected to keep their costs in line or below their budget. Human and material resources need to be accounted for in order to accomplish the assigned objectives. You will learn how to budget and manage your budget in a department or in a cost center environment. Perfect for anyone responsible for managing or creating a department budget. Bring a sample department budget for analysis! .4 CEU.

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The Value of Building Trusting Relationships


Building trusting relationships

Trust is one of the most important elements in building relationships that are essential to your personal life and professional career.  Those with high trust relationships communicate well, go the extra mile, and increase efficiency.  Understanding the behaviors of being trustworthy will help you project credibility and respect in and out of the workplace.  In this course, you will learn the key ingredients of building trust, repair broken trust, and create an action plan. This course is for anyone who wants to become a better leader or build better relationships with friends, family, or co-workers. 6 CEU.

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