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Are you an umbraphile? You might be if you are in awe of the glory and majesty of a solar eclipse!

If you love to follow the moon (or you've noticed how it seems to follow YOU...don't miss our upcoming bucket-list trip to see the total eclipse this August!!

Total Eclipse of the Sun


August 19-21, 2017

Led by William J. Dirienzo; Assistant Professor of Astronomy & Physics at UW Sheboygan

Although total solar eclipses are easy to predict for astronomers, they remain a striking natural phenomenon. Continuing Education at UW-Colleges joins the rest of the country in our excitement and anticipation for this summer’s eclipse. We will help put you into the “best seats in the house” St Joseph, Missouri. Experience the Event of the Year with UW-Sheboygan Assistant Professor William Dirienzo, who will also explore the wonder of the universe at Yerkes Observatory and also evening observations. Trip includes transportation, accommodations, Yerkes admission, and incredible enrichment inherent in a UW-Colleges tour.

Price: $599/person based on double occupancy or $716/person based on single occupancy


College credit now available to UW Sheboygan, Washington Co and Waukesha students!! 

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Ancient Cultures of the Southwest

Four Corners

September 17-23, 2017

Led by Naturalist, Mark Miner

The Anasazi people were a prehistoric civilization who lived in and around the present day Arizona and Colorado. These Native Americans-also known as the “Ancients”- flourished for more than 700 years; they are the ancestors of the modern-day Hopi and Zuni people. Our UW Colleges Southeast Region Ancients Tour will begin with a visit to Albuquerque’s Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. The following day, we will have an opportunity to visit Acoma Pueblo, a living pueblo where descendants of the Ancient live to this day. The group will then learn about the Anasazi, the ancient ones, as we head to Mesa Verde to see the preserved stone shelters lofted in the canyons walls. Although we will not be cliff dwellers, like those 1400 years ago, we’ll stay right in the park at the Far View Lodge. After a two-day exploration of Mesa Verde, the group will visit Chaco Canyon, the ceremonial heart of this culture. A final stop at Bandelier National Monument, will give us one more experience with ancient dwellings and petroglyphs. In addition to the Far View Lodge, we’ll stay in iconic hotels: La Fonda on the Plaza in Santa Fe and Hotel Albuquerque in Old Town Albuquerque.


Price: $1,999/person based on double occupancy or $2,379/person based on single occupancy

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Historic Lodges and Waterways of Illinois

Illinois Waterways

September 19-21, 2017

Led by Karin Sundelius

High on a sandstone bluff overlooking the Illinois River, Starved Rock Lodge stands as a living legacy to the young men of the Civilian Conservation Corps. The Historic Lodges and Waterways of this Illinois tour will feature the CCC lodge of Starved Rock and another equally historic CCC lodge in White Pines State Park. Whether you are relaxing by the fireplace, riding the historic trolley, hiking to beautiful canyons and waterfalls, exploring the Illinois-Michigan Canal in a mule-pulled canal boat or dining in one of the great halls, this tour will enrich, enlighten, and entertain!

Price: $639/person based on double occupancy; $711/person based on single occupancy.


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Hurray for Hollywood!


November 7-11, 2017

Led by Vic Passante

Discover La La Land! Join us on a visit to the film capital of the world. Our excursion will include a daylong Deluxe Backlot Tour of Warner Brothers Studios, a coach tour of movie locations, and visits to Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Walt Disney Concert, and Hollywood Bowl. We will stay at the famous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and participate in the American Film Institute Festival. Come with Vic and escape into the magic and enchantment of Hollywood. You’ll be singing, “Hooray.”


Price: $2,679/person based on double occupancy or $3,234/person based on single occupancy

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