Day Trips


 Savory Escapes Series

The department of Continuing Education for UW-Colleges—Southeast Region, serving the campuses for Waukesha, Washington County and Sheboygan, is pleased to announce the beginning of a series of food tours connecting community members with cooking classes, restaurants, markets, and all things food, they are calling Savory Escapes.  Their first outing in the series is A Taste of MKE on September 20, 2016. A Taste of MKE will highlight the cuisine, of Milwaukee’s earliest immigrants, the Italians, Polish and Germans. 

Taste of MKE itinerary

The next Savory Escapes entrée is September 23rd’s Fish Fry MKE, which is a group effort to eat at Milwaukee’s favorite fish fries. The outing on September 23 will be hosted at the iconic Serb Hall. After the dinner, the group will select the next four fish fries we’ll visit between November and April. 



Chicago Broadway Trip


We knew the response would be great for Hamilton and at this time, we are sold out! Stay tuned for more will be the first we notify for our next trip!


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