Youth (7-18yrs)

Welcome! Continuing Education is excited to offer several new youth programs for the upcoming year and hope you will join us for some hands-on learning! Youth ages K-12 are welcome on campus to explore what we have to offer.

Featured Youth Class

Get Ready for the ACT

Our ACT test preparation class will cover test taking strategies sure to help you succeed on the test.

New this semester! Check out our Writing for ACT class. We’ll also show you how to format college admission and scholarship letters!

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GEMS (Girls Engineering, Math & Science)

We have begun our planning for our 7th Annual GEMS conference in the spring of 2015! Find more information on GEMS at UW-Waukesha

This summer we have several youth opportunities at the UW-Waukesha Field Station.

Summer Youth Field Station Classes: Friend of the Field Station

The Dirt on Dirt, Suzanne Joneson

Life in Mud Puddles, Ponds, & Streams, Marlin Johnson

Insect Adventure!

Bird Watching or Ornithology? You Decide!


Keep your eyes on our website for additional classes for youth!