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Library Collaborative Group Study Room

The following library resources are available for general use:


The UW-Waukesha Library offers black and white and color printing for students. The campus runs a printer management software, PaperCut, to regulate each student’s printing account. Each student printing account will be issued a $10.00 initial fee starting balance per academic term. Accounts will be reset at the start of a new Fall academic term. Balances which remain per semester will be added to the new semester’s initial fee. Students will be charged $.10 for black & white prints and $.25 for color prints. The print driver’s will default to duplex. An individual can change their preference to print on a single sided page. Students may add money to their account for additional pages at the CASE desk. Purchases are non-refundable and will be posted to student PRISM accounts. Students who have already acquired additional printing coupons may login to their PaperCut accounts and add them to their accounts here.

Wireless (Hotspot) Printing

From any personal device; uses campus printing (PaperCut) account; available at Library's black & white and color printers. (Available for UW-Waukesha-affiliated users only.). Quick access to the campus wireless printing.


Computers are scattered throughout the Library for student use including:

*     28 workstations in the Computer Classroom (L108)- available unless room is being used for Library classes; weekly schedule posted outside main door.

*     25 desktops and laptops - located in the front half and around the perimeter of the Library.

*     3 group-study technology workstations in Group Study Room (L112) with large screen TV monitors and wireless access to workstation desktops.

Collaborative Group Study Room (L112)

Available on first-come, first-served basis. See the Group Study Room page for more information.

Wireless Laptops

Available at Library Information Desk. 7 laptops with easy access to hotspot printing; day-long checkout. Laptops are for use by students only and require a valid UW Colleges UCard or drivers license.


Located across from Library Information Desk. Documents can be scanned at no charge and can be sent to any email address (on- and off-campus); $.05 per page for black & white copying and $.15 for color copying.