Math Lab

Located in the middle third of the of the Academic Success Center, the Math Lab offers walk-in math tutoring, small group tutoring,  and one on one appointments. Whether you are taking an ALEKS or a traditional textbook based course, our peer tutors are excited to partner with you and help you move forward. 


Math Lab Walk In Tutoring

Math Small Group Study Sessions

Math One on One Tutoring

Diversity Center
M-F 9am-10am

M-Th 4pm-6pm
Sun 3pm-6pm

Academic Success Center
M-Th 11am-1pm
F 10am-1pm

M & T 2pm

MAT 103 & 105
W & Th 2pm

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30 minute individualized math tutoring by appointment only

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Online Resources

  • Scott's YouTube Channel (brief instructional videos for some MAT 091, 103, and 105 topics)
  • Khan Academy (brief instructional videos suitable for any UW-Waukesha math course) 
  • PatrickJMT (brief instructional videos suitable for any UW-Waukesha math course)


Please email Heather at with any feedback or questions.