Academic Actions Committee

Academic Actions Committee

For the purposes of this committee, an academic action is any academic matter except grades that affects a student as a consequence of UW Colleges and/or UWM at Waukesha academic and admissions regulations, rules, or policies, including associate degree requirements.

The committee serves primarily as an appeal committee to decide student appeals for exceptions to academic actions.  Grade appeals, parking appeals, student financial obligations to the university, and nonacademic disciplinary matters are excluded from the bailiwick of the committee.

In addition to meeting as needed during the academic year, the committee normally meets during the summer and the interim period between semesters.

From time to time the committee will review the forms and written summaries of procedures that are given to students who inquire about an appeal of an academic action.

The committee also serves as an advisory body to the collegium on all matters related to academic and admissions regulations.

Types of Appeals

Late add/drop/withdrawal Appeal

This type of appeal is considered when extenuating circumstances may prevent a student from successfully completing a course or courses in any given term.  Appeals are also considered for a late class addition or a change from credit to audit or pass/fail.   

Associate Degree Appeal 

This type of appeal is considered when extenuating circumstances or administrative error may prevent a student from successfully completing all requirements for the Associate of Arts and Science degree offered by UWM at Waukesha.

Admission to the Honors Program

This type of appeal is considered when a student does not meet the normal admission requirements for the program, but believe they have extenuating circumstances that should allow them into the program.  Please note: all students (whether part of the program or not) may take credit with the honors designation as approved by the instructor at any time.  Invitations to participate go out biannually to students who qualify. 

Submissions or inquiries Information

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