Tutor Request Form

If you are a student looking for a free tutor to help you in any UWM at Waukesha course, please fill out this form. Heather Carroll, the Academic Success Center Coordinator, will review it and work to locate a tutor.  She will send you an email when a tutor as been found.  If you have any questions, you can contact her at heather.carroll@uwc.edu or in W124.

By submitting this request I agree that, as an academically engaged student, I understand it is my responsibility to…

  • Attend class, take notes, and do (or attempt to do) assigned work and readings before meeting with a tutor. (A peer study guide or tutor can help with review of course material or clarify concepts, but cannot fill in for missed classes or watch a student work on homework not yet attempted.)
  • Be on time for tutoring sessions and come prepared with questions, study topics, and goals as well as needed materials (notes, textbooks, homework, syllabus, assignment instructions, etc.).
  • Approach sessions positively, with a desire to focus attention on the course material, be an active participant, and be open to new strategies and approaches.
  • Honor the academic integrity policy. I understand that tutors cannot do work for me and that the evaluation/grade I receive for an assignment, test, or the course is my own responsibility.
  • Contact the Academic Success Center in a timely manner to schedule or cancel appointments (48-hour notice is preferred).