WCC Rules and Regulations

UWM at Waukesha is a member of the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference and is subject to the rules and regulations contained in the Handbook of the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference. The following is a partial list of regulations, covering the rules that most directly pertain to the student.

Please note that coaches of all sports have the power to impose any other rules and regulations that they deem necessary. Please consult with your coach if you are unsure about what is expected of you.

Medical Examinations

All members of all athletic teams must have a medical examination and be cleared for competition by a medical doctor. Each student must have one physical exam for every two years of competition.

False Statements

Any athlete who has made false statements about eligibility while registering for a sport will be ineligible for further competition in the conference, and the team will forfeit any games already played in which the ineligible athlete participated.


Members of the athletic teams are representatives of their institutions and the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference and must govern their conduct and actions to be a credit to their institution and conference.

Eligibility Rules

  1. A player must be a bona fide student of the institution which s(he) represents.
  2. A player must be enrolled in courses which total nine credits per semester. A minimum of six (6) credits must come from courses with a regular campus designation, and a minimum of nine (9) credits must be within the UW system.  One course may be by a UW System correspondence course or a UW System on-line course and normal progress in such a course must be shown during the semester
  3. A player must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 1.75 after the first semester of attendance to be eligible for competition.  Thereafter, a player must maintain a cumulative G.P.A. of at least 2.00 to be eligible. Any student dropping below the required grade point average will become ineligible two weeks prior to the first day of classes of the second semester. Note that ALL classes, including non-degree credit courses, are counted when calculating athletic eligibility.
    1. The GPA requirement for eligibility to participate in athletics shall be waived until the student has attempted a minimum of six credits as a UW Colleges student.
    2. If a period of three years or more has passed since the student was previously enrolled as a UW Colleges student, only credits earned after that period shall be used to determine if the GPA eligibility requirement for athletic participation has been satisfied.
    3. For a third year of eligibility, a student must have received passing grades in classes totaling a minimum of 36 credits, prior to the semester of participation. In addition, the student must meet with an advisor to discuss selection for the third year. (The Athletic Director must receive the completed WCC Third Year Eligibility form from the student after meeting with the advisor).
    1. Continuing students who become eligible for competition at the end of the first semester become eligible for the second semester two weeks prior to the first day of classes of the second semester.
    2. New freshman or transfer students registered for the second semester become eligible for participation two weeks prior to the first day of classes provided they have not participated in a regular scheduled athlete contest in the same sport during the same academic year.
    3. Students who receive suspension notices following their first semester of work due to campus academic rules become ineligible two weeks prior to the first day of classes of the second semester. They may become eligible after this time only by their appeal being upheld by the appropriate campus Academic Actions Committee.
    1. A player may participate three seasons in golf, soccer, tennis and volleyball.  The player participating in basketball is allowed a total of six semesters of eligibility.  The player may not play more than three first or three second semesters within the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference.
    2. Participation in any fraction of any regularly scheduled contest during the collegiate year shall constitute one season or semester of participation in that sport.  Participation includes entry into an athletic contest and does not include dressing for such an event.
    3. Students may be granted additional competition for reasons of “hardship” which is defined as their incapacity resulting from injury, illness or emergency beyond the control of the student. (Reference page 18 #13).
    4. All decisions on hardships shall be referred to the Eligibility Committee.  It is strongly recommended that the Campus Faculty Representative be consulted before an appeal is sent to the Commissioner.
    5. No player may receive more than three conference awards in any one sport.
    6. Previous intercollegiate participation at any institution of Higher Learning in a given sport will count toward eligibility in that sport within the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference.
    1. All transfer students from outside the WCC shall be considered initially eligible, assuming the student has no UW College course work of record during the previous three years.
    2. Transfer students with UW College course work during the previous three years, must use their UW College cumulative grade point average for eligibility requirements.
    3. Transfer students who satisfy the eligibility requirements are eligible provided they have not participated in a regularly scheduled athletic contest in the same sport during the same academic year.

NOTE:  BAAS students with eligibility remaining can participate in WCC Athletics as long as they meet all other WCC requirements.


Adam Ligocki, Interim Athletic Director