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The Hub is closed June - August and over Winter and Spring Breaks.

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Catering Policies

This guide has been issued to assist you in planning your catered event at University of Wisconsin‐Milwaukee at Waukesha. Menus can be changed, and we will be happy to discuss variations. We hope that such individual attention will assure a pleasant dining experience for your group.

Placing a Catering Order

Please follow the guidelines below when placing a catering order. If you need additional information, call the Catering Office at (262 )650-9886. Our staff is pleased to have the opportunity to participate in the coordination and planning of your event.


Please give us the time we need to prepare for your event. While we may be able to accommodate your needs with less time, we prefer the opportunity to do our best for you.

Orders for refreshment breaks should be placed with the Catering Office three (3) working days before the event. Orders for meals and receptions should be placed no fewer than five (5) working days before the event. Your menu must be finalized two (2) working days prior to the function. Caterings of 100 people of more must be confirmed one (1) week in advance. For caterings of less than 100 people, counts must be confirmed three (3) days in advance.

Guarantees and Minimums

You will be billed on the basis of a guaranteed number. A 5% leeway is allowed. (Ex: Food Service will prepare for 105 on a 100 person guarantee, but if the number attending is fewer than 100, you will be charged for 100.). Arrangements for banquets must be confirmed, changed, or canceled three (3) working days in advance.

If the guarantee varies significantly from the estimate given, you will be responsible for expenses incurred, unless prior arrangements have been made. Due to ordering and delivery schedules, we must order supplies based on estimates.

A Fifteen Dollar ($15) minimum is required for each order placed.


All cancellations must be made at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance to ensure that no charges will be made. The cost of any penalty for late cancellation will be at the discretion of the Dining Service Director.


Set up and break down charges are included in the price of the event. However, attendants are extra for all functions unless otherwise noted. The set wages for our catering staff are $10.75 per hour. Please remember that there is a five (5) hour minimum for all service personnel and the decision of how many service personnel are needed to serve with peak efficiency is at the discretion of the Director of Dining Services. (As a standard, 1 server per 20 guests is required for served meals and 1 server per 50 guests is required for hors d' oeuvres parties.)

China Service

All meals are served on disposables. China or upgraded disposables service can be provided for all continental setups, buffets, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and beverage service for a nominal fee. Include $2.00 per person for china and $1.00 per person for upscale disposables.


Tablecloths will be provided for buffet tables at buffets, receptions, and continentals. Tablecloths will also be provided at the eating tables for any lunch and dinner. There will be a $3 charge incurred for any tablecloths ordered for receptions and continentals.


Silk flowers on the buffet table or as a centerpiece for a sit down meal can be provided for your dinner. Any special floral arrangements or centerpieces may be obtained by dining services and billed out to your organization.


Any additional needs of your event, such as overhead projectors, microphone, podium, etc. are the responsibility of the party booking the function. We regret that Dining Services does not have the capabilities to handle these requests.

Billing Details

At the time of the initial booking, a cost will be given to your specific function. Prices quoted do not include sales tax. A signed form is required for any tax exemption. After the completion of your event, you will be billed based on your guarantee, guest attendance in the case that more guests do attend, or the amount of food prepared. A 15% service charge will be added to all outside vendors.

About the Catering Guide

The following guide has been divided into two (2) components: Catering to Go and Professional Catering. It will better suit the various price ranges that different groups have to work with.

Catering to Go allows those with a limited budget to still have an event catered. You pick up all the food, supplies, and equipment and set it up yourself.

Professional Catering allows you to have an event catered the way you want it. We communicate with you exactly what you are looking for so as to fulfill all your catering needs. A touch of flare is added to each event to make your occasion special.

You are not limited to this catering manual. If there is a menu item that you are interested in and it's not on our menu, we will still prepare it for you.

Professional Catering

Refreshment Breaks

Refreshment breaks include all you need for service: Cups, Napkins, etc., plus a tablecloth. China and glass service is available at an additional charge.


Beverage Menu

Bar Menu

Bakery Menu

Hors D'oeuvres Menu

Breakfast Menu

Boxed Lunches & Picnic 

Salad Menu

Luncheon Buffet

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Dinner Buffet

Served Dinners

Dessert Menu

Catering To Go

This section was developed as a supplement to our catering program. It contains some of the most popular items for pick-up and go informal events. Our managers can help you plan any type of event from start to finish. If you have a particular request, we will be happy to develop custom menus for any staff, organization or resident party, birthday celebration, or other occasions, from boxed lunches to classic theme meals.
Ordering Information

We request that all pick-up orders be arranged at a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

Call or visit one of the College Dining Services offices to arrange your event or place an order at (262) 650-9886.

Event Planning Tips

Food Quantities

The time of day and purpose of the occasion will influence the quantity of food you will need. If you are serving light snacks or refreshments during or near meal times, you will need a larger quantity than between meal periods. The quantities planned per person are average size portions. We can help you determine the appropriate amount for your group.

Pick-up Orders

The most economical way to host a party is to pick up the food and set it up yourself. All orders are packed in disposable containers and come with appropriate paper supplies. Orders can be picked up at the food service location where you placed the order. We can help you with transportation and loading (i.e. the loan of a cart, etc.). If you need this assistance, please request when you place your order.

We can deliver your order to any campus location. Refer to the price list for charges.

Orders are packed in disposable containers and come with appropriate paper supplies. (A college ID may be needed to check out non-disposable equipment)


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