Student Spotlight: Amanda Schubert

Hebron House is focus of Capstone Project
By Sue Bausch

UWM at Waukesha is highlighting Amanda Schubert of Waukesha, who has done some amazing work in the community, as she nears completion of a bachelor’s degree in Arts & Science (BAAS). The objective for this capstone project was to work with a community organization that needed help in meeting their needs. The Hebron House of Hospitality in Waukesha, a non-profit organization that provides shelter and services to homeless individuals and families, immediately came to mind, as Amanda had done a paper on the homeless for a Creativity and Problem Solving class last semester.

Amanda SchubertWhile food and clothing donations were typically steady, Amanda soon learned that they were in desperate need of cleaning supplies for their shelters. Amanda quickly got to work - making phone call after phone call. Initially, she encountered many obstacles and rejections. When Craig Hurst (Professor of Music at UWM at Waukesha and a mentor) suggested she try contacting cleaning supply companies, her luck began to change. According to Amanda, “I made a list of every cleaning firm in the area and started calling.San-A-Care and Share Corp were quick and generous to respond with donations.” Another firm, Building Services Group decided to hold a 2-week supplies drive to help the cause.“They have a competition set up to see what department can raise the most supplies,” she explained. Amanda’s current employer, Trace-A-Matic, is also contributing to her efforts. When the day came for Amanda to load her car and deliver the supplies to Hebron House, she was “almost in tears.” In total, Amanda’s efforts resulted in donations of approximately 500 boxes of cleaning supplies - too much for her to deliver herself! According to Kim Schuetz, Director of Shelter Operations at Hebron, “Amanda’s arranging of this donation drive has had a huge impact on our guests, staff and organization. Her communication and follow through has shown she is able to go above and beyond in her community to help others in need.” Fortunately, others also went above and beyond, with Matt at San-A-Care offering to store surplus donations in his warehouse and deliver them directly to Hebron House.

Amanda Schubert with donationsAmanda’s path to a college degree did not start immediately after high school. Instead, she took full-time employment at a local factory, where she had been working every summer since age 16. It took encouragement from her mother and boyfriend, Scott, to “not underestimate” herself, before she began studies at UWM at Waukesha in January 2014. Her days typically begin at 3:45am with a workout at a local gym. She then heads to Summit View Elementary, where she works as a group leader for the before school daycare program (6:45-8:45am). The before and after school hours as well as close proximity to the UWM at Waukesha campus, work well for her busy schedule. In addition to her full-time studies and job at Summit View, she also works as an intern at Trace-A-Matic in Brookfield. She enjoys the work and her career goal is to continue employment in their Human Resources Department.

More focused and committed than ever, she “loves seeing people smile because of something I did – that’s reward in itself,” she explained. As she eyes a December 2018 graduation date, Amanda confidently states, “Helping and caring is what I believe I was put here to do.”  “This is my future,” she explains.

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Sue Bausch, Regional Director of Communications