Upcoming Field Station Events

Friends of the Field Station Volunteer Gatherings

The UWM at Waukesha Field Station is supported and maintained by a large community.  Friends of the Field Station and the general public are invited to join us for a variety of work days throughout the year.  Without help from you and other volunteers the Field Station would not be the amazing learning environment that it is. Work days typically run from 1-4pm, and are followed by a potluck campfire meal.  Everyone is invited to join us for these events, and is welcome to join in the meal afterward.  There is no need to RSVP--volunteers simply are welcome to show up for the work day.  If you have any questions, please contact the Field Station Director, Teresa Schueller, teresa.schueller@uwc.edu.

Fall 2018 Workdays:

  • September 16, 2018, pick prairie seed
  • October 14, 2018, pick prairie seed
  • CANCELED due to rain: October 28, 2018, cut buckthorn
  • November 11, 2018, cut buckthorn

Prairie seed pickingStudents cutting buckthorn

Spring/Summer 2018 Workdays:

  • Prairie Burn.  Since our ability to burn is dependent on weather conditions, it is nearly impossible to chose only one date.  Because of this what follows is a list of potential burn dates and we'll burn on the first one of those date when weather conditions are favorable.  Please check back here, check our Facebook page, call Marlin Johnson, or email Teresa Schueller for updates.  It is important to be dressed properly for the burn to insure your safety. Long sleeves and long pants are a must.  Wear natural fibers--cotton and wool work well (synthetic fibers are very flammable and people dressed in them cannot participate in the burn).  Leather work boots (but not steal toe), leather gloves, eye protection, a hat, and a bandana to cover your mouth and nose are also important. Note, also, that we can use help prepping for the burns before 1pm, so please arrive any time between 11 am - 1 pm if you are able to help prep the burn areas.  These are the potential burn dates: April 21 (Sat)--CANCELED, April 22 (Sun)--CANCELED, April 28 (Sat), and April 29.
  • Prairie Planting: May 6
  • Invasive species (garlic mustard, Dame's rocket, buckthorn) control: May 27
  • Prairie weeding: June 10

Father and 2 young daughters sowing prairie seeds,one daughter is skipping3 Friends of the Field Station walking with backs turned to the camera and carrying pulled prairie weeds