Wildlife in Need Center (WINC)

Wildlife In Need Center

“Connecting People and Wildlife through Rehabilitation, Education, and research since 1994”

Mission Statement

To provide wildlife rehabilitation to Wisconsin wildlife with the intent to release back to their native habitat, conduct research designed to further the positive impact of rehabilitation, and provide quality community education programs and services.

Vision Statement

To become a nationally recognized Wildlife Rehabilitation Center that serves as a hub for other satellite facilities and is financially stable. WINC will work in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin‐Milwaukee at Waukesha and the University of Wisconsin Colleges and Extensions to be identified as the number one resource in the community that promotes an ethic of care and respect for the natural world.


The Wildlife In Need Center (WINC), founded by Nancy Frank, officially opened its doors in January 1994. During the first two years of operation WINC was located in a tiny one bedroom house located at 516 E. North Street near downtown Waukesha. The first volunteer training session had a great turnout of 27 people and was held on November 13,1993. In preparation for opening its doors, the dedicated WINC volunteers logged a total of 477 hours in December 1994. By the end of the year WINC, had treated 837 animals. In the fall of 1995, and given the demand for it’s services, WINC moved to its second home on Hwy C in the Town of Ottawa. This site was located on five acres and offered adequate space for its constantly increasing patient admissions. Each year that passes WINC continues to serve our community to provide care for injured, orphaned, and displaced wildlife. WINC admits annually up to 3,000 wildlife animals and responds to over 10,000 phone calls fielded by staff or volunteers to provide guidance on wildlife related issues. WINC’s essential mission is being heard, requiring it to expand to a green and spacious 6,000 square foot facility opened on June 27th, 2011 built with wildlife patients in mind, allowing WINC to do so much more for our wildlife patients and our community. We have an expanded focus on education, including on-site programs and educational displays, research, and of course, the most up-to-date medical care facilities possible to treat the wildlife that comes through our doors each day. As the demand for wildlife rehabilitation and quality wildlife education in Southeastern Wisconsin increases, WINC is here to meet the growing need. Through its fundraising efforts - focused on membership, private donations, foundations, grants, events and education programs - WINC operates 365 days a year with no mortgage.

Education and Outreach

With the help of our staff, volunteers and our educational ambassadors, WINC provides, annually up to 140 programs for classrooms, youth groups, civic and community organizations. WINC also educates a wide variety of over 26,000 people per year about the importance of respecting and caring for the future of our wildlife friends.


The Wildlife In Need Center is licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and U.S. Department of Agriculture and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


WINC is one of few wildlife treatment facilities outside of Milwaukee County that accepts all species of Wisconsin wildlife except skunks due to DNR regulations, annually treating up to 3,000 animals of over 130 species. Over 45,000 injured, sick or orphaned animals have passed through WINC’s doors since 1994. Approximately 80% of these animals were admitted because of interactions with humans. For more information visit www.helpingwildlife.org and WINC’s growing Facebook site.