Wireless Printing

Simply email your document to the printer from the list below, easy as that.  There are a couple rules though:

  • You have to send it from your campus email address ( or
  • Only Microsoft Office documents (i.e. .doc, .xls, .ppt) or PDF files can be wirelessly printed

If you have questions, please call or stop by the library front desk.  We are happy to help you.

Regular printing charges apply to wireless printing.

Student Printers

Queue Location E-mail address
WAK-Academic Success Center W100
WAK-Art/Music S128
WAK-Biology N040 N040
WAK-Library L100
WAK-Library Color L100
WAK-N220 N220
WAK-N025 N025
WAK-N029 N029
WAK-N060 N060
WAK-Observer W136

Staff Printers

  Location E-mail address
WAK-Academic Success Center W100
WAK-Academic Success Center Staff W122
WAK-Administration A106
WAK-Biology F/S N032
WAK-Business Office Back A125
WAK-Business Office Middle A134
WAK-Computer Center C160
WAK-Diversity Center C126
WAK-Enrollment Services C124A
WAK-Fieldhouse F113
WAK-Foundation A120
WAK-Library L100
WAK-Library Back L100
WAK-Mathematics N220
WAK-N029 N029
WAK-Northview Faculty/Staff N228
WAK-Observer W136
WAK-Southview Faculty/Staff S012