Student Organizations

Why join a club?

Participation in clubs and organizations enhances your college experience by sharpening your organizational, leadership and communication skills. You also have an opportunity to make new friends by getting involved in any of the many activities on campus. Contact the Office of Student Development at 262-521-5043 or stop in A115 for more information. You can also find information about each club in the list below.

Start a new club

UWM at Waukesha has over 25 active student clubs. If you don't see an organization you're interested in, you can create your own! Consider a club related to your intended major or hobby. Organizing a club allows you to invite guest speakers, take tours and meet people with similar interests. Or, perhaps you were involved in a club in high school or on another campus, and you'd like to start a chapter at UWM at Waukesha.

To start a club, you only need to find three interested students and fill out some simple paperwork. For more information, contact the Office of Student Development at 262-521-5043 or stop in A115. Learn more by reading our Club Handbook

ACT - Activities Coordination Team

The purpose of the Activities Coordination Team (ACT) is to provide an opportunity for students to budget, plan, and select entertainment and to implement programs for the UWM at Waukesha campus and community. Major events include Fall Fest, Mardi Gras and Spring Fling.

Meetings: Mondays, 12pm, C158
Advisor: Sue Kalinka
President: Catelyn Picco
Vice President: Angela Ma
Executive Director: Maribel Jaimes-Aviles
Public Relations: Lila Reshadi-Nezhad

Adventure Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide students the ability to safely engage in outdoor activities, learn techniques and skills related to these different activities and work as a group to accomplish specific goals.

Meetings: Mondays, 12 p.m., Coffee Corner
Advisor: Nicolette Fugarino
Co-President: Ryan Budziszek
Co-President: Austin Vest
Marketing/Vice President: Betsy Stellpflug
Secretary: James Hatlen

African American Union

The mission of AAU is to provide a voice for African-American students at UWM at Waukesha, to promote social and cultural awareness and engage in political action in the UWM at Waukesha community. Their aim is to improve and maintain relationships between African-American students and students of other backgrounds, UWM at Waukesha academic staff and faculty. They work to provide a social and cultural outlet for its members, and take an active part in the activities at this University.

Meetings: Thursdays, 12:00 p.m., N129
Advisor: Millie Wenzel
President: Kendell Dudley-Thompson
Vice-President: Dennis Smith
Secretary: Carea Cholka

Art Club

It shall be the purpose of the Art Club to give a stress free and friendly environment and encourage artistic ability and creativity in each member. Art Club will be a time where students can meet to share art, opinions on art, get critique and help from others, and to be able to work on projects they may have.

Meetings: Thursdays, 12:00 p.m., Fine Arts Gallery
Advisor: Michael Julian
President: Emily Scordato
Vice-President: Ceceilia Loeschmann
PR Coordinator: Isabella Knutsen

Campus Crusade for Christ

The purpose of Campus Crusade for Christ is to bring glory to God by meeting the spiritual needs of interested students and faculty at UWM at Waukesha. The club provides an environment where any student may investigate the claims of Jesus Christ and consider how these claims affect their lives.

Meetings: Mondays & Thursdays; 12:00 p.m., N127
Advisor: Denise Lorge
President: Stephanie Schaefer
Vice President: Drew Konkol

Cheer and Stunt

It shall be the purpose of the cheerleading team to perform at all the men's home basketball games and selected away games and to have fun!

Meetings: Not currently active 

Catholic Club

Simply put Catholic Club provides an opportunity for young adults to share and grow in faith while experiencing the transformative power of Jesus. We aim to do this by fostering community focused on prayer, reception of the sacraments, reading Scripture, service to our neighbors, and growing to more fully understand Tradition.

Catholic Club is open to all, it is our hope that anyone who feels curious about Jesus, or the Catholic Church would take this opportunity to seek an answer. We do not claim to be experts, but rather a group of young adults imperfectly striving to understand and live out what Jesus meant when he said “I came so that they might have life ,and have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10)

Come enjoy the moment, meet new people, while getting to know the person of Jesus Christ. Discover the richness of the Catholic faith and get equipped to live this wonderful adventure, with Christ by your side.

Meetings: Wednesday; 12:00 pm, Theatre Lobby/Southview 
Advisor: Connie Humann
President: Reese Kressin
Vice President: MaryKathleen Scordato 
Secretary: Emily Scordato
Treasurer: Elizabeth Lanser 

Circle K

The collegiate years are the crossroads of life—time to choose a path and follow a passion. It’s the time to make a difference in the world. By giving back to others, Circle K International (CKI) members learn the skills they need to become the next generation of community-minded leaders. Sponsored by Kiwanis International, CKI is the premier collegiate community service, leadership development, and fellowship organization in the world. It’s filled with energetic, passionate, and driven young adults who have the power to make a significant impact on the world.
It’s Big. There are more than 12,600 CKI members worldwide, with 500 clubs in 17 countries.
It’s about Service. CKI members embrace the organization’s motto–live to serve, love to serve–by collectively performing more than 1 million service hours annually on their campuses and in their communities. Members also work with CKI’s official service partners: Better World Books, March of Dimes, Students Team Up to Fight Hunger and UNICEF.
It’s about Leadership. CKI provides resources, tools and opportunities to attend inspiring events, such as Leadership Academy and the annual Large Scale Service Project.
It’s about Fellowship. Members work together to plan service projects. They take part in conferences and conventions, receive grants and scholarships and make friends with fellow CKI members from around the world.
Meetings: Not Currently Active 

College Democrats

To involve the community in the political process at local, state, and national levels to educate the community in political issues, and to promote Democrat candidates and their core message we establish this Constitution of the University of Wisconsin‐Milwaukee at Waukesha College Democrats.

Meetings: TBD, 12:00 p.m.,  TBD
Advisor: Dylan Bennett
Co-President: Ryan Polasky
Co-President: Maximillian Geis 

College Republicans

To involve the community in the political process at local, state, and national levels to educate the community in political issues, and to promote Republican candidates and their core message we establish this Constitution of the University of Wisconsin‐Milwaukee at Waukesha College Republicans.

Meetings: Not Currently Active
Advisor: John Volz

Diversity Club

This organization serves the UWM at Waukesha community by promoting an awareness of, developing an appreciation of, and facilitating interaction between people of all races, ethnicities, cultures, creeds, religions, sexual orientation, disabilities, marital status, and political beliefs to carry them into the diverse world outside the campus.

Meetings: Wednesdays, 12pm, Diversity & Pre-College Center 
Advisor:Millie Wenzel
President: Brianna Korich
Vice President: Carea Cholka
Secretary: Elvin Jaramillo 

Ecology Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide students interested in ecology an opportunity to develop a knowledgeable appreciation of our natural resources, become informed on environmental issues and take action to protect our environment.

Meetings: Not Currently Active
Advisor: Marlin Johnson

Engineering Club

The purpose of this club is to offer hands on engineering experiences outside of class.

Meetings: Not Currently Active
Advisor: Luis Rodriguez

Film Club

The mission of the Film Club on campus is to provide an opportunity for students interested in film and/or filmmaking to explore and learn the art together.
Meetings: Not Currently Active 
Advisors: Barry Liss

Future Business Leaders

Future Business Leaders is an organization dedicated to informing students about all aspects of business and improving the skills necessary to succeed in the modern business world. Join us today, and let's help each other be the Future Business Leaders of tomorrow.

Meetings: Mondays, 12:00 p.m., N056
Advisor:  Alex Lawver 
President: Matt Stick
Vice President of Marketing: Joey Sommerfeld
Vice President of Finance: Makayla Olson
Secretary: Corey Brauch

Gaming Club

The Gaming Club is a club to help create groups for the purpose of playing games, including role-play, board, and card games. The goal of the Gaming Club is to create an environment that facilitates expression in the form of gaming, to break down perceptions about gaming and gamers, and to encourage others to game. We regard gaming as a healthy expression of belief, necessary to a deeper understanding of self. It also encourages interpersonal skill without social repercussions within the group, leadership and organizational roles, acceptance of the fallibility of plans, and mathematical competency through repetitive use of formulas.

Meetings: Thursdays, 12:00 p.m., The Cove (Commons Area)
Advisor: Derek Blemberg
President: Dylan Temple
Vice President: Caleb Ebbott
Treasurer: Isaac Green
Secretary: Seth Ottesen

Gardening Club

It shall be the purpose of the Gardening Club to advance skills, knowledge and interest in the world growing around us.

Meetings: Not Currently Active
Advisor: Suzanne Joneson

Literary Club

The Literary Club publishes the Windy Hill Review, a compilation of poems, stories and plays by students, faculty and staff. Members learn the editing process from selection of material to preparation of copy for the printer.

If you would like to submit a poem, short story, or other work of art, send a Microsoft Word file to We welcome your work!

Meetings: Mondays, 12:00 p.m., N125
Advisor: Drew Blanchard
Co-President/Submissions Specialist: Lindsey Naze
Co-President: Jose Sandoval
Public Relations: Sydney Vinyard


The purpose of O.L.L.A. (Organization of Latino Leaders of America or Organization de Lideres Latino Americanos) is to serve interested students, faculty, and staff members of the UWM at Waukesha and members of local communities by promoting an awareness of and developing an appreciation of all elements of Latino cultures.

Meetings: Wednesdays, 12:00 p.m., N127
President: Luis Felipe Lizardi-Rodriguez
Vice President: Elvin Jaramillo
Treasurer: Daniel Guzman
Secretary: Edwin Fabela

Panther Pals

Mission Statement Coming Soon!

Meetings: Tuesday, 12:00 p.m., N127
Advisor: Michael Weber
President: Richie Gureski
Vice President: Olivia Rasa
Secretary: Rose Saunderson
Treasurer: Reagan Babler

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society of 2-year colleges which promotes scholarship, service, fellowship, and leadership. Eligible students must have earned a cumulative grade point average of at least a 3.50 for 12 credits. The local chapter elects officers and active members meet to plan social and fund-raising events. They hold two induction ceremonies of new members each year in a ceremony that attracts family, friends, and the campus community. The society also raises funds for scholarships for students eligible to join Phi Theta Kappa.

Meetings: Wednesday, 12:00 p.m., Noon
Advisors: Yongqing Wang 
Contact us at
PTK Officers:
President: Sarah Protheroe
Vice President: Trevor Wallis
Public Relations: Luis Lizardi-Rodriguez

Players Theatre Waukesha

The mission of Players Theatre Waukesha is to provide an environment to encourage and facilitate the exposure and involvement of students in the performing arts both on campus and in the community.
Meetings: Not Currently Active

Pre-Health Sciences

The Pre-Health Sciences Club provides community service and career exploration opportunities related to health professions.

Meetings: Not Currently Active
Advisor: Dr. Phillip Owens 

Pride Alliance

The UWM at Waukesha Pride Alliance acts as a forum and resource for the discussion of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning related issues. In addition, this club provides opportunities for its members to connect with and take part in LGBTQIA communities of the University of Wisconsin System and southeastern Wisconsin in general.

Meetings: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 12:00 p.m., C158
Advisor: Lisa Hager
President: Ette Hoenk
Vice President: Ceceilia Koeschmann
PR Coordinator:Isabella Knutsen 

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association is the official representative and legislative body for all students. Members work with staff, administration, and faculty to develop all areas of student life, and represent students on university committees. SGA also reviews and offers recommendations to the campus dean for portions of the segregated fee budget. The segregated fee budget funds a number of programs on campus, as well as all of Waukesha's clubs and on campus organizations.

Meetings: Thursdays, 2:30 p.m., C158
Advisor: Sue Kalinka
President: Anthony Cattani 
Vice President: Megan Roshak
Executive Director: Ceceilia Loeschmann
Treasurer: Jose Sandoval
Publicity: Sydney Vinyard

Student Veterans Association

The Student Veterans Association supports students who have served in the military or are currently serving, a transition to a student lifestyle.

Meetings: Not Currently Active
Advisor: Ellyn Lem

Tea Club

The Tea Club is a social group that supports students who love, conversation, company and tea.
Meetings: Fridays, 12:00 p.m., Coffee Corner
President: Anthony Cattani
Vice President: Megan Roshak
Treasurer: Jose Sandoval
Secretary: Catelyn Picco

Yoga Club

The primary goal for members of the UWM at Waukesha Yoga Club is to pursue mental and physical balance through the practice of Hatha Yoga. No prior experience or level of skill is needed to join at any point. The instructor will be able to accommodate beginners, as well as those of intermediate and advanced skill level. The beneficial effects of practicing Yoga include decrease in stress and anxiety, refocusing the mind, and improvement of posture and spinal alignment. Although you may have to be flexible for advanced Yoga, the purpose of our club is to improve your flexibility and strength, so no level of flexibility is required.

Yoga Club was created as a way for students to experience Yoga without cost. Although community members are also welcome, we ask that non-students provide a contribution of five dollars per session for use in scholarships and charity donations. The club provides each year to programs like the Heifer International project. Philanthropic practices such as these are in line with Karma Yoga, which consists of doing good deeds at every turn as a way of spreading charity through one’s community and the world at large.

Meetings: Fridays, 12:00p.m. N224
Advisor: Shubhangi Stalder 
President: Darcy  McCormick
Vice President: Jose Sandoval
Treasurer: Austin Vest