Paving the Path 2016

Let UWM at Waukesha Help You Find Your Path!


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Inspired by the Odyssey Project started at UW-Madison, Paving the Path to College provides adults, who may not have considered it previously, an accessible way to attend college. This two-credit course taught by university faculty, helps students gain a voice and a sense of empowerment through lively discussion of literature, history, philosophy, art and writing.

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2017 Paving the Path-brochure

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2016 Paving the Path-Special Student Application

For more information on Paving the Path, please email Professor Ellyn Lem

Hear what some of our amazing students have to say about Paving the Pathway!

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"I am grateful to the program that gives me the opportunity to read and study them with the professors. The Odyssey Project classes are wonderful. This is true that reading classic books helps people transform their lives. I consider myself lucky to have had the experience of attending the program. The program has been helping me in my personal and intellectual life. In my personal life I am more positive person and I have been improving my relationship with my children and my husband. I feel happier. I have been motivated during this time to be a better person. In my intellectual life I have found that this program makes me reflect and I  think on deeper level."

"Education is a gift that could not get any better than this. Thank you for the opportunity you have given me. This class was a wake up call to realize that you need Education for a good future and It has deeply been inspiring to me and I am planning on continuing my education soon."

"The instructors showed they cared about you understanding what they were teaching."

"I enjoyed the way the professors taught.  I was able to see the reason why they became teachers."

"I loved the way the instructors presented.  It made me feel welcomed, inspired, and overall “ready” to start college."

"I liked to see different professor in class constantly. They also gave their knowledge when discussing others’ presentations and showed that they are indeed students as well."

"The instructors were kind. People who are passionate about their work. They are not only here to teach, but to learn as well. They take into consideration others’ ideas and make sense of them. I call that awesome!"

"I can’t express how wonderful it is to share this summer with all the great teachers and students. Thank you for this great opportunity. It left me with happiness, excitement and hope."

"Instructors were very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, easily approachable."

"Instructors were very knowledgeable and gave great support and were very accessible."

"All instructors were good and welcomed feedback.  Continue with those that are fully open-minded."

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