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Home Inspection Fundamentals

Home Inspector

Are you looking for a career change? This all-inclusive hands-on course provides the most thorough information available for those wanting to be home inspectors. This comprehensive course will provide you with real-life experience and prepare you to pass the National Home Inspector Examination, along with providing a sound foundation for starting your own business. Instructor Scott Newcomer is ready to pass on over 25 years of his experience gained in the home inspection field. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to understand how a home acts as a system, recognize common construction materials and proper installation methods, identify defects and how to properly report findings to clients. This is a great career or second career! This course is part classroom and part field training (live home inspections are part of the training) that is in combination with an online program included in the cost. You will receive access and start your online portion as soon as you register and pay for the class. 

Once you register on our site, you will be contacted for payment information and will then receive your online class access. If you have questions, please complete the registration form and someone will be in contact to answer your questions! 

Price for the course is $2,495. 


Intro to Microsoft Excel 2016

Price: $139

This hands-on course will introduce you to the basics of an electronic spreadsheet using Microsoft® Excel® 2016. You will become competent with the basics of: navigating and moving around an Excel® spreadsheet, data entry and formatting, copying and pasting, formulas, previewing and printing, and file saving and editing. A few intermediate features of Excel® will be uncovered as well. 

Prerequisites: Comfortable using a mouse, navigating in Windows®, and managing files and folders.

Intro to Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

Price: $139

Take advantage of the features of PowerPoint®! You can create presentations and picture shows that really grab your audience. You will learn about key terminology, navigating the slides, menus, pages, and shortcut keys within the program, creating and editing slides, and file saving. By using the format features, you will create a running slideshow that you can use for a business presentation, a community program presentation, or to share a picture show with your friends and family! 

Prerequisite: Comfortable using a mouse, navigating in Windows®, and managing files and folders. 


Intro to Microsoft Word 2016

Price: $139

You can use Microsoft® Word® for many things! You can learn how to write a letter, make a chart, or even create a list. This hands-on course will introduce you to the basic principles of Microsoft® Word®. You will learn to navigate the Word® program by learning the basic functions of text entry, word wrap, spacing, copying and pasting, spell-check, font changes, and more. You will master how to create a document, make it look good, save, retrieve, and print it. A few intermediate features of Word® will be uncovered as well.

Prerequisite: Comfortable using a mouse, navigating in Windows®, and managing files and folders. 

Microsoft Word


Train the Trainer: What you Need to Know about Instructional Design

Price: $149

Have you been taking on more responsibilities to train others in your area, or maybe you just would like to streamline your training processes? We can help!  Mastering the skills taught in this class will be particularly helpful for SMEs (subject matter experts) who must teach others about the subject matter for which they are an “expert”. You will learn how to get the scrap out of training, save costs, develop sponsorship, be learner-centered and results-oriented, create performance-based outcomes, and apply the seven laws of learning and 5-phase structure for modular training. Remember, training is a process, not an event! 

Prerequisites: Must have at least two topics (subject matters) for which you will design a training module. 


Train the Trainer


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