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Zweifel Memorial Indoor Golf Tournament

Sometime during the long, dark winter of 2004, an idea was hatched in the office of Associate Dean Phil Zweifel.

The University of Wisconsin Waukesha Golf Association (UWWGA), formed in 1997 by Dean Zweifel, is a motley crew of faculty, staff, and students who play golf twice monthly at a local 9-hole course in Waukesha between April and October.

Winters in Wisconsin can be the long for any golfer and the UWWGA elders decided it would try to get a few people together to play golf indoors. Library Director, Scott Silet, offered his area up for a possible course layout and the rest is history.

The annual event has grown into a full-fledged campus social bringing in friends of the campus from as far away as Florida. For information about next year's event, please contact Scott Silet at 262.521.5471.

Golf Tournament Stats
    *Record *Record
Year Participants Team Low Score Individual Low Score
2005   P. Zweifel, K. Phillips, S. Weber, T. Rozga (223)  
2006   P. Zweifel, R. Ulrich, J. Smerz, B. Dugan (210)  
2007   R. Northhouse, R. Launder, P. Kelsey (188)  
2008   Team Sparkles: B. Gill, J. Foy, C. Roland, A. Cuneo (204)  
2009 29 (7 teams) Team Sparkles: B. Gill, J. Foy, C. Roland, A. Cuneo (235) J. Smith (46)*
2010 30 (7 teams) Team Panthers: St. Smith, Sa. Smith, VanKleef, Simpson (170)* S. Silet (52)
2011    Library: J. Bell, J. Cavanaugh, K. Hinton, J. Marzullo, S. Silet (220)  
2012    D. Weber, J. Weber, T. Holian (207)  
2013    Team Sparkles: A. Cuneo, B. Mullane, C. Roland (233)