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Mission & Vision


UW Colleges libraries will be innovative educational leaders, creating and delivering high-quality, user-focused information resources and services.  


The libraries are integral partners in fulfilling the mission of the UW Colleges.  They are the information gateway to the university community, providing resources and services essential for learning, research, and instruction.

Strategic Directions

  1. The UW Colleges Libraries will develop partnerships to advance and support learning and teaching.
  2. The UWC Libraries will provide timely access to unique, high quality collections and information resources.
  3. The UWC Libraries will support library staff innovation, leadership, and professional development.
  4. The UWC Libraries will promote library collections, services and programs that inform and enrich the University community.
  5. The UWC Libraries will enhance facilities and organizational infrastructure to deliver evolving services and increase internal efficiencies.
  6. The UWC Libraries will explore new funding sources, internally and externally.
  7. The UWC Libraries will serve as centers of knowledge and information and assist their communities in finding, using, and evaluating information resources.
  8. The UWC Libraries will investigate, identify, and implement quality assessment tools to measure the quality of library services and resources, and to inform future endeavors.

Revised May 2013