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Book Donations

The Library is grateful for offers of gifts of materials for its collections. We welcome donated books, journals, videos and other materials that enhance our collections in support of the College's teaching and research needs. The Library may decline offers of gifts if they unnecessarily duplicate existing holdings, if the subject matter is outside the scope of its collections, or if there are donor restrictions the Library cannot honor. Materials that are not appropriate for our collections are given to the Friends of the Library for their onling book sale- proceeds of which enhance the Library's collections, services, and programs.

For questions relating to general gift policy matters, contact Scott Silet, Director of Library and Media Services at 262.521.5471.

Cell Phones

In order to maintain a proper study environment in the Library, we ask that you conduct cell phone conversations quietly and in areas where other students are not working. If that is not possible, the area outside the main entrance of the Library is more appropriate for phone conversations. We also ask that you be courteous and turn off your cell phone ringer while in the Library.

Thank you.


See the Circulation page for details on loan periods and fines.

Library Classroom (L108)

The Library Classroom (L108) is used extensively to provide course-related library instructional sessions for UW-Waukesha students and faculty throughout the academic year. In order to maximize use of this classroom for other purposes without interfering with Library instruction, the following guidelines have been developed by the Library:

Priority use for L108 is given to library instruction classes.

All non-library use requests will be scheduled at the discretion of Library public services staff.

  • All events must be arranged with Library staff at least one week in advance of the scheduled time and requests not involving Library instructional staff are not guaranteed until 7 days before your event.
  • Multiple bookings are permitted but may not be accommodated during peak use periods.
  • Peak use periods for library activities are as follows: 
    • Fall term: 15 September - 15 November
    • Spring term: 1 February - 1 April
  • When L108 is not booked, the classroom is open for general computing use.
  • Any group using the Library Classroom must ensure that classroom furniture is left arranged in the same manner it was found.
  • Limited food and drink are permitted with prior approval of Library staff.

The schedule for the Classroom is posted in the Library and can also be found on the UW-Waukesha SharePoint Site -- Administrative Departments (Library) -- Calendars -- L108.

Please email Scott Silet or Kelley Hinton at call us at 262.521.5473 to schedule the Library computer classroom.

Community Access to the Library

Library Collections

Wisconsin residents are welcome to use the Library at UW-Waukesha. Persons 16 and older may apply to obtain a borrowers card to check out materials in the collection of the UW Colleges. See the Circulation page for details on loan periods and fines.

Library Computers and Research Databases

Per campus policy, Wisconsin residents are welcome to computers on campus, however, computer access may not be possible during high-use times during the day. The campus uses an authenticated login/password system so community users will need to be logged in by a library staff member. Black & white printing is permitted and charged at $0.10 per page. Library research databases are accessible at no cost from computers within the Library. Off-campus access is available only to UW-Waukesha faculty, students, and staff.

Copyright & Reserve Materials

UW-Waukesha complies with the UW Colleges Copyright Policy (UWCAP #53) and UW System guidelines for respecting copyright and fair use. As established by Title 17 of the U.S. Code, copyright provides the creators of original works of authorship with a limited set of exclusive rights to copy, distribute, and perform their works. The UW Colleges Appropriate Use Policy may also be consulted.

Please visit the Copyright section of the UW Colleges website for complete information.

Food and Drink

The Library permits food and drinks, within reason, to be consumed in the Library. Aluminum cans and waste paper should be recycled in designated receptacles located outside the main entrance. All other trash is to be disposed of properly. The use of spill-proof drink containers is strongly encouraged.

The Library reserves the right to control the consumption of food and drink at computer workstations and microform equipment, and during the use of certain other materials and equipment.

The Library hopes, through its efforts, to promote responsible user behavior in order to meet everyone's needs for service and comfort while protecting library materials.


  • Avoid snacks that disturb those around you or damage library materials.
  • Don't eat/drink at computer workstations or microform readers.
  • Recycle aluminum cans and dispose of all trash before you leave.
  • Report immediately any spills to the Circulation/Information Desk.

Interlibrary Loan and Universal Borrowing

Please see the Interlibrary Loan page for complete information on borrowing non-UW library materials.


Patrons of the UW-Waukesha Library have the right to expect a quiet and pleasant library environment conducive to research and scholarship and free of disruptive activity. Noise levels generally fluctuate during the day. Patrons bothered by excessive noise should contact a library employee at the Main Desk.Library staff members are authorized to resolve any noise complaints.

To ensure Library patrons’ rights, noise should be kept to a minimum throughout the Library, and the following guidelines are strictly enforced:

  • Quiet Areas are designated at the back of the Library. Only quiet conversation is permitted in Quiet Areas. There are also three quiet study rooms in the lower floor of the Library (accessible through the stairs outside the front door) that are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Group Study is permitted in all places that are not designated Quiet Areas. However, conversations should be kept at a reasonable volume. L112 is designated for either quiet of group study on a fist-come, first served basis.
  • Cell phones and pagers must be turned off or set to silent mode in the Library; cell phone conversations should be brief and kept at a low volume. See our cell phone policy for more information.
  • Electronic devices without earphones or turned loud enough to disturb others are prohibited in the Library.

Student Non-academic Behavior

Behavior in the Library is governed by student policies set forth in UWS Chapters 17 and Chapter 18 of the State Code of Wisconsin. In summary, Chapter 17 states that:

"The missions of the University of Wisconsin System and its individual institutions [such as UW-Waukesha] can be realized only if the university's teaching, learning, research and service activities occur in living and learning environments that are safe and free from violence, harassment, fraud, theft, disruption, and intimidation."

The full text of UW System Chapter 17 - Student Nonacademic Misconduct and Chapter 18 - Conduct on University Lands are included in the Student Rights and Regulations publication.

Please help make UW-Waukesha a positive learning environment for all students. Thank you.