Math Lab

Located in the middle third of the of the Academic Success Center, the Math Lab offers walk-in math tutoring and one on one appointments. Whether you are taking an ALEKS or a traditional textbook based course, our peer tutors are excited to partner with you and help you move forward. 


Math Lab Walk In Tutoring

Math One on One Tutoring

Diversity Center
M-F 10am-11am

Academic Success Center
M-F 11am-1pm
M-Th 5pm-6pm

Sun 3pm-6pm*
*beginning in October


30 minute individualized math tutoring by appointment only

M-Th 1pm-5pm

Book Your One on One Math Appointment here.

Online Resources

  • Scott's YouTube Channel (brief instructional videos for some MAT 091, 103, and 105 topics)
  • Khan Academy (brief instructional videos suitable for any UWM at Waukesha math course) 
  • PatrickJMT (brief instructional videos suitable for any UWM at Waukesha math course)


Please email Heather at with any feedback or questions.